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15 Reasons to Visit Gunnison Nude Beach

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just recently, the Friends of Gunnison Beach did a Nude Polar Bear bare swim in the icy cold winter waters of the beach.

Polar bear swims are the one thing I will never do!

Give me warm weather and a nude beach, please!

One of the best ways for a nudist to remain positive is to think about warm beaches, to visualize the ocean, and to feel the comfort of the surrounding warm air.

You may have heard of Gunnison Beach, a popular nude beach in New Jersey. It's a small part of the Sandy Hook National Park peninsula.

Did you know there is more to do in the area than just the nude beach?

Of course, nothing beats the freedom from clothes that a nudist destination offers. But Sandy Hook park offers other attractions besides just Gunnison Beach.

Activities Requiring Clothing:

These things are not nude activities, but they are still fun diversions and a reason to consider spending a weekend at or near the beach.
  1. Biking/walking or inline skating on the 5 mile multi-use path
  2. Hiking on the various Sandy Hook trails
  3. Seeing the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, the oldest one in the US
  4. Looking for species of birds and butterflies that have been spotted in the park:
    • 340 species of birds
    • 50 species of butterflies
  5. Visiting the bird observatory
  6. Visiting the Fort Hancock Museum, the Battery Potter (an old gun battery), and the History House
  7. Surf fishing
  8. Get on the water: boating, windsurfing or kayaking
  9. Dining at the Highlands - Actually outside of the park, this is the place to go for dinner or to a pub
Nude Activities:

After all of that activity, lounging on the nude beach the way Mother Nature intended sounds like a great way to relax. While on the nude beach, there are fun things you can do:
  1. Have a nude picnic lunch
  2. Read a book
  3. Take a nap
  4. Go for a swim
  5. Play a board game or a card game
  6. Play Frisbee
Additional information about Sandy Hook park and Gunnison Beach:

And if New Jersey is too far away for you, consider western Canada's Wreck Beach (that I recently visited). Located in Vancouver, it has plenty of charm.

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