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Exchange Rates Change International Nudist Travel Options for Americans/Canadians

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Want to travel internationally to a nudist destination but afraid of the prices? Getting out of the US and Canada is a little more challenging lately. Still, there are options.

For US and Canadian nudist travelers looking for adventure in Europe, the fluctuating and lately deflating value of the US dollar against the Euro and British Pound has made many reconsider trips to European nudist destinations. For Canadians, the Canada dollar is increasing but still weak.

But why put off a nudist vacation altogether? There are other places where the US and Canadian dollar stretches further.

Canada to US or US to Canada:

1 Canada dollar currently equals 1.018 US dollar

Canadians can visits tons of US nudist destinations with the Canadian dollar being the closest to the US dollar its been in a long, long time.

For Americans, Canada is no longer the bargain it used to be. Still, Canada has a good mix of nudist destinations (such as Wreck Beach) and getting there is cheaper than Europe or the Caribbean (depending on where in the US you live).

Europe and the Caribbean

As of today, these are the reported currency exchange rates for the US Dollar against 3 other currencies and some of the nudist travel opportunities in these countries.

Croatia nudist travel:

Despite its troubled political past, Croatia is an emerging tourist destination hopefully looking towards a brighter future. Though a long flight from the United States, Croatia has over 30 nudist and clothing-optional destinations, from beaches to campsites. Learn more here.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 5,176.20 Croatia Kuna
1 USD = 5.17620 HRK
1 HRK = 0.193192 USD

Mexico nudist travel:

Mexico is cost-effective for US tourists. Flying there isn’t too bad, depending on where you live. The pickings for true nudists are limited though.

Playa Sonrisa (official website) on the Caribbean coast of Mexico is for true nudists/naturists and even offers a 15% discount for naturist club members, such as AANR members. They have beach front bungalows and rooms for accommodations, naked snorkeling and even have a restaurant. This seems like a nice destination and bungalows and rooms range from $85 to $140 a night, depending on the season/room.

Hidden Beach and Desire Resort are among the other clothing-optional destinations in Mexico, though they appear to be more adult-oriented and exotic focused from what I can tell from websites about them. I’d research more to find out if this sort of destination is right for you.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 10,857.50 Mexico Pesos
1 USD = 10.8575 MXN
1 MXN = 0.0921022 USD

Bonaire in the Caribbean:

I had written about Sorobon Beach Naturist Resort in the past. A nice little place on the beach in a protected cove, beachfront accommodations make it desirable.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 1,780.00 Netherlands Antilles Guilders
1 USD = 1.78000 ANG
1 ANG = 0.561798 USD

Fees for exchanging money

Keep in mind that when exchanging money, everyone wants a cut. Walk-in banks and currency exchange booths are hit-or-miss in terms of how much they take. ATMs and charging with credit cards can be a better bargain. Check with your banks first though. Fees are all over the place. Some charge nothing and others can charge flats fees plus additional rates upwards of 3% or more, which is like throwing away money. Here's a good article on the topic.

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