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3 Nudist Resorts in 3 Days and I Lived to Tell About It

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We did it.

We visited 3 nudist resorts in 3 days. In doing so, we went in 4 pools and 6 hot tubs without wearing anything!

After about 5 minutes of being nude, you wonder what the fuss about clothing is. Clothing seems so unnecessary and being clothes-free seems so natural. Other people of all shapes and sizes seem natural too - your mind no longer notices their lack of clothing and you just see them as people like you.

The whole experience was actually very relaxing - what vacationing should be. We started out at Paradise Lakes Clothing-Optional Resort, then visited Lake Como Nudist Resort and then Caliente Clothing Optional Resort the day after. All are nudist/ clothing-optional resorts in central Florida and within minutes of each other.

The 3 destinations have very unique characteristics and cultures. Nude recreation, the freedom from clothes in a natural way, is their commonality.

Here's what we experienced at each place:

Lake Como Family Nudist Resort

Lake Como is a nicely appointed family nudist resort where a lot of people have year-round trailers set-up. Lake Como is owned by 100 or so full-time members who are serious about naturism.

At Lake Como, we enjoyed swimming nude in the pool and hot tub. Then we played naked billiards and went in the sauna before returning to the hot tub.

The resort has a campground atmosphere and is perfect for first-time nudists. Upon arrival, we were given a clothed tour of the place and told about Lake Como's history. The amenities include a lake, heated pool, whirlpool, sauna, rec room with 2 pool tables, a few trails, excellent tennis courts, restaurant, a smaller restaurant/bar called the "Butt Hutt" with a deck on the lake, a beach area, and even a small library. Lake Como even boasts a nature-preserve area of the grounds.

This was our first time to Lake Como and we were impressed. We're plotting a plan to return to hike the trails, use one of the free canoes to "canude" the lake and do the others things we want to try.

If you've never been to Lake Como and are an American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) member, check your membership pack. You might have a coupon for a free day visit to Lake Como. We did and spent the day there for free. Can't beat that!

Caliente Clothing Optional Resort

Caliente is an upscale clothing optional resort - a polar opposite of Lake Como. Caliente opened only 4 years ago so everything is modern. Though the grounds are large, all of the activities are located within the smaller fenced-in main building complex.

The amenities are excellent but grounds fees expensive. Even with an AANR member discount, the day pass for a couple was $70!!! We did enjoy the place, staying for the day and having a reasonable $25 lunch. We spent some time in the large pool which has a waterfall fixture going into it and two islands. Then we went into 3 of the conversation pools/hot tubs of varying sizes/temperatures. After that we did the sauna and steam room. Caliente also has 2 volleyball pools, several bars, dance hall, restaurants, and a gym.

We went to Caliente on a weekday with cooler weather, so the place was empty. Be careful. Though Caliente is nudist-oriented, week-end night time events at the night club have received criticism for not reflecting family-friendly nudist community values. Look at the event calendar on their website and judge for yourself. We've been to Caliente twice and have not seen anything out of the ordinary, but have read of bad experiences from other nudists. For a family-friendly atmosphere that's more fun, Lake Como is the place to go.

Paradise Lakes Clothing Optional Resort

This was our third time visiting Paradise Lakes, a 72-acre clothing-optional resort. During this trip, we slept at Paradise Lakes and took day trips to the other 2 resorts. Upon arrival at Paradise, we had a naked lunch at the Key West Bar, the semi-outdoor poolside bar. We then swam in the large pool in the entertainment complex. Afterwards, we warmed up in the heated conversation pool and then smaller hot tub. Later, we visited another pool on the other side of the grounds and part of a smaller complex. A hot tub there was out of order as it was the last time we visited. Maybe next time.

Paradise Lakes is somewhere in the middle of being like Lake Como and Caliente. Paradise is dominated by residential complexes and large resident population. It has a small campground area and a lot of asphalt. The main complex has 2 restaurants, pool tables, gym, dance hall/bar, darts, ping pong table, tennis courts and lots of lounge chairs. The water volleyball pool can be popular on weekends. The secondary complex has a pool, more tennis courts, chairs by a lake, and a building used for yoga classes and special events.

We rented a golf cart during our stay at Paradise Lakes. Naked golf carting around was a lot of fun. I guess we now can join a very small group of people in the history of the world who can say we've rode in a golf cart in the buff.

This visit we also worked out in the gym in the buff. That was some experience! But let's leave that for another day.

Try nude recreation

We did 3 destinations in 3 days and lived to tell about it. We say that now with ease. It was not long ago that the idea of nude recreation was absurd. Then we took a chance and tried it. Now there's no turning back.

We've since visited several destinations. Our motto: "If the Europeans can shed their clothes and enjoy it, why should we Americans wear uncomfortable bathing suits." That's what nude recreation is to us: comfort and relaxation. Get rid of that soggy bathing suit, shed those cultural norms about clothing, and give nude recreation a try.

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