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Nudist Fitness Expert / Radio Show Host Offers Nude 5K Race Tips

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pete Williams knows fitness and nudism well.

On his average Friday afternoon, Pete Williams hosts the longest-running nude broadcast in radio history.

The Fitness Buff radio show airs on the WTAN Tan Talk radio network in Tampa Bay, Florida. The radio show is broadcast live (and online) and in the buff with co-host Sabrina Vizzari and sidekick Shannon Pankow at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Land O Lakes, FL. The nude radio show has focused on helping its listeners live longer, live fitter and live better since its inception in 2005.

Pete Williams writes about sports and fitness topics regularly and has appeared in Men’s Health, USA Today and many other publications. Pete is also a staff writer for the Bulletin, the American Association for Nude Recreation’s (AANR) monthly newspaper for its 50,000+ members.

Pete is also co-author of the popular Core Performance fitness book series written with legendary trainer Mark Verstegen. Pete even finds time to keep active and recently competed in a duathlon running and bicycling event.

Today, Pete answers questions for my Nudist Travel blog audience about the inaugural Cotton Tail 5K Fun Run to be held Saturday, April 21st, 2007 at 6PM at Paradise Lakes Clothing-Optional Resort. The event traverses through the gated 72-acre resort and provides an ideal environment for running clothes-free.


The inaugural Cotton Tail 5K Fun Run expands upon Paradise Lake’s 12 successful years with the Sneaker Streaker 5K. Ages ranged from 18 to 79 in the 2006 Sneaker Streaker. Times ranged from 17 to 41 minutes. Is the new Cotton Tail 5K likewise an event for all ages and skill levels?


Absolutely! We welcome people of all ages and skill levels and, it should be noted, in all stages of undress. We've found with the Sneaker Streaker that most people go nude for these clothing-optional 5K races since that's the attraction. Many people do it on a dare or to be able to say they did it at one point in their lives. Others find they enjoy it so much that they do it every year - or become avid nudists, even joining Paradise Lakes. With the success of the Sneaker Streaker 5K, which will take place on Sept. 22, 2007, we thought it only made sense to have a spring event.


Food. You’re an upcoming tri-athlete. What do you eat prior to competitive events? Should Fun Run participants worry about nutrition?


Great question. You never want to compete on an empty stomach. Nutrition before a 5K race isn't as big a concern as, say, a longer run or triathlon, but you definitely want to eat something with carbs and a little protein. Examples would be toast with peanut butter, one-half of an energy bar, or a 16-ounce sports drink. Be sure to drink 16 to 20 ounces of fluid (if you didn't opt for the sports drink) in the hour before the race. After the race, you want to consume a mix of carbs and protein as quickly as possible. Thankfully, we'll have plenty of refreshments available. Incidentally, if you're interested in learning more about pre- and post-race nutrition, check out my new book CORE PERFORMANCE ENDURANCE, the third book in the CORE PERFORMANCE series I've written with prominent trainer Mark Verstegen.


To keep the Fun Run "fun", beer and water stations will be along the course. I can understand beer, but why water? :)


"Fun" run will mean different things to different people. For some, just the idea of going nude is what makes it fun. This event takes place the weekend between two prominent triathlons in the Tampa Bay area, so some athletes are looking at it as a "recovery" race or true fun run, not something that's going to have them focusing on their finish time. Though we provide beer on the course, I'm not sure how many people are going to take us up on it during the race unless they're going at a very slow pace or even walking. Water is a must for hydration, whether you're drinking beer along the course or not.


Modern sports clothing makers have made believers in sports bras for women and jock straps for men. Yet, ancient Greek Olympians played games nude. Who’s more reasonable, Nike and Reebok or the Greeks? I've always wondered, is running nude without support safe for men and women?


The Greeks deserve credit for creating the idea of competing while nude. Running nude without support is safe for men and women. Jock straps and protective cups were created primarily for sports where contact is a concern, and that's not the case with a 5K run. And people who have competed in nude races and nude volleyball, even at a competitive level, have found that it's completely safe. Of course, nudity is not required in this race and athletes can wear whatever makes them comfortable.


Thank you Pete. The event sounds perfect for anyone thinking about trying nude recreation for the first-time. Of course, regular nudists looking to get some exercise might want to mark the date on their calendars. I hope we can talk again in the future.


Learn more about Pete Williams at his official website.

Listen to the Fitness Buff radio show on Fridays in the Tampa area or online. Recordings of notable guest interviews on the show are available here.

Learn more about the Paradise Lakes Cotton Tail 5K Fun Run. The event is held in conjunction with the inaugural Body Art Fest on that weekend. The Body Art Fest has the making of an exciting event and is drawing attention from PBS and TLC’s Miami Ink who will cover the event.

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$2 Bill - A Sign You've Met a Nudist?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

If you are a clerk in the Tampa, Florida area and a customer hands you a $2 bill, you might have just met a nudist.

From March 15 to April 15, Tampa-area nudist/clothing-optional resorts have a campaign to let local businesses know that nudists bring revenue.

Visitors at the area's nudist/clothing-optional resorts, namely Lake Como Family Nudist Resort, Caliente Resort and Spa and Paradise Lakes Clothing Optional Resort, can exchange currency at the resorts to easily get $2 bills for spending in town.

Here's an idea for added impact: Write "I am a nudist" on the $2 bill or "try nudism" or "Proud AANR Member" or something fun like that.

The story has brought press attention. Two area newspapers covered the story:
Andrew Skerritt, of St. Petersberg Times, says in his article "Paradise Lakes, Lake Como and Caliente, all in central Pasco [County, Florida], generate more than $2-million in annual property tax revenues. That's one million $2 bills."

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Trip Report: A Good Old-Fashioned Nudist Campground - Juniper Woods

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Though many exciting nudist travel topics have been covered here lately, from nudist resort car shows to nude cruises to nude swimming in the Antarctica, now is a perfect time to talk about a good old-fashioned nudist campground.

Juniper Woods is such a place. Juniper Woods is a clothing-optional, family-friendly 65-acre campground in rural Catskill, New York. We visited on 4th of July weekend a few years ago - just for a day.

The atmosphere was uncomplicated and peaceful. A BBQ was set-up for the holiday. The friendly staff was busy grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers for the nudist guests. The petanque court was active. Families were about. Some people played Frisbee in the meadow.

We went for a dip in the pool. Even though the pool is not deep or huge, there was still plenty of space. We then went into the relaxing hot tub/conversation pool. We dried off by sitting on the nearby rocking swing.

We later took a casual walk around the spacious grounds. The dam that controls the water to the two lakes had broke so the water level was down. It’s probably fixed by now. Other than that, the grounds were well maintained.

By the large number of RVs and campers on landscaped sites, a lot of people call Juniper Woods their summer home away from home. Some even have small cabins with immaculate landscaping – flowers, groomed bushes and lawn ornaments.

Several tents were up in the large meadow that day. I noticed a lot of free space in the wooded campsite area. If you like camping in solitude, the wooded camping area is away from the RV area, has trees between sites, and allows for campfires.

Keeping in mind that this is a campground and not an entertainment complex, I recommend bringing some books or maybe some board games. The rec hall and pavilion had ping-pong, foosball and a few other games. Dinners and dances are held here too.

Nudist destinations come in many flavors. If you are looking a charming, secluded clothing-option campground with lots of space and a friendly atmosphere, Juniper Woods makes a nice escape.

Juniper Woods is 45 minutes from Albany, NY and a reasonable 2 hours drive north from New York City.

On June 9, 2007, Juniper Woods will be having an open house and first time visitors get in free. There will be sports events, vendors, a potluck dinner and DJ dance. Many other events are planned on weekends throughout the year.

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Inside "Bare Bods and Hot Rods" Nude Car Show

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Update: As of March 23, there are already almost 60 cars pre-registered for the show. At the car show, the date for the 2007 Bare Buns Biker Blast at Caliente will be officially announced.

(Postponed to April 29th due to rain)

As mentioned in “2007 Nude Car Shows: Chevy. Ford. Mopar. Nudists.”, I will be attending one of the upcoming nudist resort car shows and providing a report afterwards. Being eager to learn more about the show ahead of time, I interviewed Deb Bowen, the show coordinator. Deb was nice enough to answer questions about the day’s events at Caliente.

Let’s find out what the Bare Bods and Hot Rods Car Show (April 15th) at Caliente Clothing-Optional Resort and Spa in Lutz, Florida is all about.

John: Having 138 cars in last year's car show is impressive for a clothing-optional resort that opened only in 2004. Could you tell me a little more about last year's car show?

Deb: Let's see. Last year was our first show, but I have worked at other nudist resorts coordinating car shows, so I have a good base to start with. I have also recruited "The Rat Pack Car Club" into the nudist world and have worked with them for years! They go to every car show and event in the state and pass out the flyers/applications! It’s all about getting the word out! And we certainly do!

John: Were the car owners nudists or new to nudism? What has the car owners' response been?

Deb: According to the Rat Pack, the Caliente Car Show has been the talk of the "car show" world since last year! The car owners may or may not be nudists, but for the ones that aren't when they arrive, many of them are by the time they leave! I always sell a few new memberships at the show! It’s a great way to introduce nudism and Caliente to the general public! As you probably know, car collectors are generally an older crowd so it gives them a reason to come to Caliente for the first time (which many of them have stated they were looking for!!!)

John: The April 15, 2007 car show looks like an exciting day at Caliente. There will be vendors, a charity raffle, live music, a BBQ, and a sock hop. Could you tell me a little more about these? Where on the 120-acre resort will these events be held?

Deb: The car show is held in the "over-flow" parking area just beyond the main entrance! It holds about 225 cars and is actually a PERFECT place for the show! Many of Caliente’s members like to stand on the balcony overlooking the car show for a "birds eye view" so to speak, but the folks that are not nudists do not have to go into the lobby at all. Although I can tell you that they have ALL wanted to check it out. I don't remember any case of a non-nudist at any of my car shows that refused to take a look around! And they are completely blown away by Caliente, so I always encourage them to take a tour of the resort before they leave!

We raffle off great prizes and the proceeds go to charities so it’s definitely a win-win for everyone! Last year we raffled off the Nose Cone from and INDY 500 Race Car, signed!

The Live music will be a short show during the daytime by Blonde Ambition, a two-girl team that really rocks! They sing all your favorites from the fifties! They are very entertaining! Then they will put on a show at the sock hop in the nightclub that evening! But there will be either live music or a doo-wop DJ at the car show all day!

We also have a full BBQ at the car show with delicious food available so you don't have to leave your car to go find food! Car owners do NOT want to leave their cars for anything, so I make it easy! Not only do we have a BBQ, but will have fun food vendors (like kettle korn or cotton candy) and we will also have the "beer cart" driving around the lot selling beer, water, soda, wine, etc. We come to YOU!

John: Caliente has a calendar of big events. What goes into making the car show happen?

Deb: PROMOTION PROMOTION PROMOTION! You can't have a successful event if you don't let people know. I have listed the show on MANY car web sites, I have listed the event in local papers, I write about it in my newsletter, I send an invitation to all the car entrants from last year, I tell everyone I know, etc!!! And the Rat Pack always does such a great job handing out the flyer/applications to everyone at all the other shows they attend (which is 3-5 a week!)

The car show is one of my favorite events and draws the BEST people from all over!

John: Thank you, Deb, for giving the inside scoop about the event. I look forward to the car show and visiting Caliente. I hope this post on Nudist Travel Blog helps in the promotion efforts. When it comes to promoting nudist travel destinations and events, I know the challenges and there can never be enough promotion. This seems like a great event.

Additional resources:

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2007 Nude Car Shows: Chevy. Ford. Mopar. Nudists.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What do you get when you mix auto enthusiasts with nudists? Nude car shows!

Nudist Travel Guide Blog ( provides an overview
of 2007's nude car show calendar. This looks to be the year of nude car shows across the United States – at least 8 and probably more.

Is this a good sign for both nude recreation and car enthusiasts? Yes.

The 170-acre nudist Turtle Lake Resort in Union City, Michigan, has their Annual Antique and Classic Car Show planned for Saturday, June 9th 2007. The day will be packed fun nudist events including: nude golf cart rodeo, nude drive-in movie, an oldies dance and all kinds of prizes.

Turtle Lake also has an Annual Motorcycle Show (August 25th, 2007) that will have competitions and a nude motorcycle parade.

Following its successful 2006 show with 138 cars, Caliente Clothing Optional Resort and Spa in Lutz, Florida has its Bare Bods and Hot Rods Car Show planned for April 15th, 2007 (Postponed to April 29th due to rain). A charity raffle, live music, BBQ, and sock hop will be among the day’s events.

It just so happens that I, John Henry, will be in Tampa during this time and plan to go to hit the Caliente car show. I will provide a full report afterwards.

Laguna Del Sol nudist resort in Wilton, California has the Rockets & Sprockets Car and Motorcycle Show planned for July 20-21, 2007. Pictures of their happening 2005 show are on their website here.

Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Lutz, Florida has an annual car show. Keep an eye on their website for the official date. Their website gallery shows pictures from the successful 2006 car show.

Valley View Recreation Club of Cambridge, WI has been a fixture in the nude car show world. Old Cars Weekly editor Brad Bowling recalls covering their first show in 1991 for Old Cars Weekly in his blog. The 2007 date for the 18th Annual Valley View Recreation Club Nude Car Show will be announced soon.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa near Orlando, Florida has an Open House and Car Show planned for July 15th. The Open House at the same time is a good idea. Nude car shows are a way to have a good time and get new people to the resort.

Empire Haven Nudist Resort in Moravia, NY has its Annual Car Show planned for August 18th this year. The show runs from 9 am to 5 pm with a chicken BBQ from 3-5 pm followed by a DJ Dance from 8:30 to 11:30pm.

Avalon Nudist Resort in Paw Paw, WV had its first Annual Car and Truck Show in 2006. Avalon’s event calendar is coming soon and will reveal what 2007 has in store for West Virginia nude recreation.

Know of other nude car shows this year? Post a comment.

If this “nude thing” is all new to you, check out these resources:
And when you try nudism for the first time and say it is the best thing ever, come back to this blog and report in.

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Swimming Nude in Antarctica

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Would you try nude swimming in Antarctica?

The crew and guests aboard the 24-day "Dive Antarctica" voyage had the opportunity. The trip's purpose was to explore the Antarctic undersea world and the above-ground landscape.

Calling this a 'vacation' is not the right word. The excursion seems more of a 'quest', an adventure into lands few have seen. The intense and physically challenging Antarctic diving required that the guests be highly trained and experienced divers. They were rewarded with incredible sights throughout the trip.

Between spectacular diving sessions, the travelers had a little downtime. Some tried swimming in the cold waters. After shedding clothing, a few on the excursion took the opportunity to swim naked - the ultimate nude Polar Bear swim.

Here's footage of a man and woman from the Dive Antarctica excursion skinnydipping in the Antarctic Sea:


During the trip, the team discovered some pollution in the waters, some from tourism and more at a research station. In a noble effort to keep the environment pristine, Dive Antarctica is proposing to return in 2007 to do a clean-up mission.

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