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The Naked Golf Cart Experience

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I used to think golf carts were just for golf. Then I visited a nudist resort and saw people riding around naked in golf carts. Then I tried it myself.

Forget golf. Golf carts are best used for nude recreation.

Yes, golf carts are a common sight at the larger of the nudist and clothing optional resorts and just about every campground has them.

The Naked Golf Cart Orientation

Riding a golf cart in a nudist campground is a treat at a handful of the larger clubs' "first-time visitor" orientation tours. These orientations are to help new visitors get acquainted with the property and nude recreation. During the ride, the rules are outlined to ensure that these places stay wholesome and family-safe - part of being an AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) affiliated club.

We rode naked in a 6-person golf cart during the orientation tour at Solair Recreation League, a nudist resort in Connecticut, not far from Boston, MA. This was fun - though I wanted to skip it and head straight for the pool because it was so hot out that day. At Lake Como Nudist Resort near Tampa, Florida, we did the very educational orientation clothed, though I'm sure we could have rode naked if we wanted.

Riding solo

Golf carts are a must have for seasonal residents who spend the summer living the nude life in trailer set-ups. Usually, the residents own or rent their golf carts.

For day and weekend visitors to most nudist campgrounds, golf cart rentals are not typically available. The only way to go for a ride is to make friends with the locals. There are some exceptions.

Calling the resort is a good way to find out what's available. If the resort doesn't rent golf carts, they may lead you to someone who rents golf carts. For example, at Paradise Lakes clothing optional resort in Lutz, Florida, we were able to rent a golf cart from one of the residents who owns several and rents them out to visitors.

Instead of the long, hot walk from the pool area to our rented room on the other side of the grounds, we rode a golf cart. Besides staying cool, golf carts were the quickest way to the pool and restaurants. Riding was fun - the wind blowing on your skin is refreshing. We rode all around the expansive Paradise Lakes property. Counting all of the streets and parking lots, we must put a few miles on the odometer riding around the resort.

Of course, like all things nudist, sitting on a towel is a requirement. For golf carts, it serves the additional purpose of keeping legs from sticking to hot golf cart seats.

After getting into nude recreation, I'll never think of golf carts the same way again.

From now on, I'm going to try naked golf carting whenever possible. And when golf carts are not available, as is usually the case, the next best thing is bicycling. Let's save naked bicycling for another day.

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