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A Naked Day at Sun Ridge Nudist Resort

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sun Ridge Nudist Resort in 43 words:
Sun Ridge is like being at a family picnic at your new neighbor’s house. You don’t know anyone, but everyone is friendly. You have a good time. However, unlike your neighbor’s house, the people at Sun Ridge have a distinct absence of clothing.
The more complete story:

The fun of nude recreation is going new places that you know very few people in the world get to visit.

Located in Sterling, CT on the Rhode Island border, Sun Ridge Nudist Resort is a simple place to spend the day clothes free.

Sun Ridge lacks the elaborate architecture, fancy dining and entertainment facilities of other nudist destinations. Still, the nudist campground makes for a fun day trip or a good, laid back weekend in a rented trailer. Some people even spend the whole summer there every year, while others make this their first-time experience with nude recreation.

Sometimes all you need is a well kept but rustic nudist campground with a friendly atmosphere. That’s what Sun Ridge provides.

Trip report:

We visited on a June weekend on a day when the weather forecast was not so favorable. This also meant a lot less day guests. Luckily, the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms never materialized and we had a good day of nude recreation.

As day guests, we arrived knowing that Sun Ridge does not have any dining options except for special events. This was just an average weekend so we brought lunch with us.

You can sit down with your picnic lunch by the pool area where there’s a rec hall with picnic tables inside and outside. There are a few picnic tables by the tennis courts too, a short walk from the pool area.

We ate inside the recreation hall, a rustic structure that houses a billiards table and the aforementioned picnic tables. Some Saturday nights the place transforms into a dance area. And for some events, the rec hall has a kitchen area where food is prepared.

Afterwards we played at the billiards table for a while. Then, we spent a few hours in the pool area with trips from the cool pool to the heated conversation pool.

A little later we wandered to the tennis courts. If we had wanted to play tennis, the courts were open and well maintained.

We got dressed and left around dinnertime and headed to a casino for dinner. About 45 minutes away are 2 of the world’s largest casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. Both places have many dining options to choose from.

While pretty laid back places compared to Vegas, going to a casino after relaxing all day at Sun Ridge is a contrasting experience. It’s at the casino where you start to reminisce about the friendly and respectful people at Sun Ridge.

Sun Ridge is within a few hours of anywhere in Southern New England. Give it a try!

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Redneck nudists taking over Florida?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Disclaimer: To readers new to nudism, nudists are normal people y'all.

Contrary to the title of this article, nudists come from all walks of life. AANR-affiliated nudist resorts focus on providing good, clean fun for all kinds of people - the most fun you can have without your clothes on, in a safe, non-sexual (but not sterile) environment.

Alright, let's git-r-done y'all. Redneck Weekend is coming and it's gooder than grits.

Founded in 1964, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida regularly organizes themed events for nudist residents and guests. Redneck Weekend is amongst the more unique.

Redneck Weekend is planned for June 22-24. The redneck-themed, clothing-optional activities at the popular nudist resort event include Hillbilly Games, the Good Ol' Boys parade, a redneck costume contest and, of course, an old fashioned hoedown. Yeeeee-hawww!!!

From the Cypress Cove website:
"It’s that time once again for a party weekend you won’t soon forget! Y’all get ready because REDNECK WEEKEND RETURNS!

It all starts off Friday afternoon with a right good pool party with DJ Xavier spinning all the redneck music you can handle That night keeps the good times rollin with a good old fashioned Redneck Karaoke Party with Regis in the Lakeside Lounge. Sing all your countrified favorites or come down and sing any song as long as you come and sing.

Saturday has yet another pool party with Xavier, a Good Ol’ Boys Parade, and the now legendary Hillbilly Games on Lakeside Lawn. Saturday night, Snafu, will take the stage at Lakeside Restaurant for a big hoedown with all your friends. It all builds up to our Redneck Costume Contest where you can win a free night stay in our beautiful Villas. I hope to see y’all here real soon."

Besides the themed weekends, Cypress Cove grounds and facilities are quite nice. The 300 acre property has a 20 acre recreation area, 50 acre lake and 130 acres of wetlands. There are two restaurants, bike rental, paddle boats, petanque, tennis courts, and other activities.

Now you git yourself on down there, you hear.

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Debate: Would you ride nude in the World Naked Bike Ride?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

See my answer and those of 6 other nudist bloggers in 'The Great Naked Debate' on Nudist Day.

The debate is a fun way to learn about nudist topics and puts a bunch of great people together who have written a lot about nudism.

Other Fun Nude Activities:

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Top 10 Nude Beaches in USA Today and Beyond

Saturday, June 02, 2007

(View article)
USA TODAY interviewed John Kinman, the President of AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) about nude beaches. Kinman recommended what he considers as the Top 10 clothing-optional beaches.
  1. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii
  2. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada
  3. Cap d'Agde, France
  4. Hawksbill Bay, Antigua
  5. Haulover Beach, Miami
  6. Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
  7. Collins Beach/Rooster Rock, Oregon
  8. Orient Bay, St. Martin
  9. Samurai Beach, Australia
  10. Black's Beach, San Diego, California
A good list. Of course, the list is subjective. What makes a great beach? A great nude beach is a beach that meets your needs or that you have great memories about.

Many other nude beaches are worth considering. Here's some others where memories have been made:
  • Adriatic Coast, Croatia - the coastline is dotted with all kinds of nudist beaches and campgrounds (Valalta near Rovinj, Croatia, pictured at right)
  • La Jenny, France - a nice, family-friendly beach and nudist campground/resort
  • Barcelona, Spain - topless everywhere, there's a section near the east end that's legally nude (signs posted). There's a beach cafe but nothing fancy. Barcelona is a great place to visit and this nude beach is a great place to lounge after seeing the tourist sites.
  • Sorobon Beach, Bonaire, Caribbean - At Sorobon Beach Nudist Resort reviewed here.
  • Many more...
To me, Cap d'Agde is the best, not just because of the beach but because of the facilities and activities in the village. Shopping nude at the many small stores dining out in nude restaurants in the naturist village is great fun.

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Nude Beaches on the Comic's Mind

Today's Pearls Before Swine comic makes light of the age old cliche: "Why are the people who go to nude beaches the only people you don't want to see nude?".

Truth is, nudists are human and represent people from all walks of life. They come in all shapes and sizes. For most people, being at a nude beach is simply about enjoying a beach, not the people. It's the beach without the constraints of a bathing suit. It's being naked as you are in a safe, private environment.

Who cares how other people look?

[Sorry, picture no longer available. Guess you'll have to imagine something really, really cool.]

This comic strip implies that anyone can go to a nude beach. The awareness created is a good thing.

Here's another blog post about the nude beach myth.

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