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100% Nude Hiking in Eastern Pennsylvania: Sunny Rest Nudist Resort

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hiking out in nature without clothes provides a level of freedom that may exceed that of hanging out at a nudist resort pool or nude beach.

Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA, provided the setting for our first experience with real nude hiking - legally and within the grounds of a gated nudist resort who adheres to the standards of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Sunny Rest usually gets props for its excellent amenities (pool, indoor hot tub, game room, restaurant, etc.) and grounds. The nude hiking trail is a hidden gem.

Picture of Sunny Rest trail
(Source: Sunny Rest website)

Anyone can hike Sunny Rest's wooded hiking trails in the nude and feel safe. The trails are within the 190-acre resort property boundaries.

Just wear sneakers and socks. The trails were well-maintained and level with the exception of one small hill on what's called the "hard trail" - really just a small section that diverts from the main trail.

The main trail goes about 1 mile and then there are smaller side trails that are dead ends. Tack on about half a mile for the walk on pavement from the pool area to the start of the dirt trail.

A Nudist Travel Guide Blog exclusive, I've scanned the literature I received from Sunny Rest.

"Bare" with me. The papers got wrinkled. Oops.
The thing about hiking in the nude is the distinct lack of pockets.
I was forced to fold up the maps and stuff it in my sock. Lesson learned.

Click on any of these pictures to see larger versions of the maps and handouts.

The second lesson learned is to bring enough water if it is hot out. Even without clothes, staying cool is not easy if it is 90 degrees out. And don't forget to put on bug spray before you start hiking.

We walked in the paved areas of the grounds too. Many nudists have seasonal trailers in this part of the resort property. Some had more elaborate homes that may have been year-round. Everyone seems to take care of their lot and some people had unexpectedly nice landscaping. We saw some people camping in tents too. Some pictures of the grounds are on Sunny Rest's website here.

The heart of the resort is the area around the pool that includes offices, indoor hot tub, rec room (pool table and video games), dance room, workout room, restaurant and accommodations.

This is a map of the grounds.

To maintain a safe family atmosphere for visitors, Sunny Rest has a typical set of rules to follow.

A very good nudist campground, we plan to return.

Have you been to Sunny Rest? What did you think?

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Exchange Rates Change International Nudist Travel Options for Americans/Canadians

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Want to travel internationally to a nudist destination but afraid of the prices? Getting out of the US and Canada is a little more challenging lately. Still, there are options.

For US and Canadian nudist travelers looking for adventure in Europe, the fluctuating and lately deflating value of the US dollar against the Euro and British Pound has made many reconsider trips to European nudist destinations. For Canadians, the Canada dollar is increasing but still weak.

But why put off a nudist vacation altogether? There are other places where the US and Canadian dollar stretches further.

Canada to US or US to Canada:

1 Canada dollar currently equals 1.018 US dollar

Canadians can visits tons of US nudist destinations with the Canadian dollar being the closest to the US dollar its been in a long, long time.

For Americans, Canada is no longer the bargain it used to be. Still, Canada has a good mix of nudist destinations (such as Wreck Beach) and getting there is cheaper than Europe or the Caribbean (depending on where in the US you live).

Europe and the Caribbean

As of today, these are the reported currency exchange rates for the US Dollar against 3 other currencies and some of the nudist travel opportunities in these countries.

Croatia nudist travel:

Despite its troubled political past, Croatia is an emerging tourist destination hopefully looking towards a brighter future. Though a long flight from the United States, Croatia has over 30 nudist and clothing-optional destinations, from beaches to campsites. Learn more here.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 5,176.20 Croatia Kuna
1 USD = 5.17620 HRK
1 HRK = 0.193192 USD

Mexico nudist travel:

Mexico is cost-effective for US tourists. Flying there isn’t too bad, depending on where you live. The pickings for true nudists are limited though.

Playa Sonrisa (official website) on the Caribbean coast of Mexico is for true nudists/naturists and even offers a 15% discount for naturist club members, such as AANR members. They have beach front bungalows and rooms for accommodations, naked snorkeling and even have a restaurant. This seems like a nice destination and bungalows and rooms range from $85 to $140 a night, depending on the season/room.

Hidden Beach and Desire Resort are among the other clothing-optional destinations in Mexico, though they appear to be more adult-oriented and exotic focused from what I can tell from websites about them. I’d research more to find out if this sort of destination is right for you.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 10,857.50 Mexico Pesos
1 USD = 10.8575 MXN
1 MXN = 0.0921022 USD

Bonaire in the Caribbean:

I had written about Sorobon Beach Naturist Resort in the past. A nice little place on the beach in a protected cove, beachfront accommodations make it desirable.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 1,780.00 Netherlands Antilles Guilders
1 USD = 1.78000 ANG
1 ANG = 0.561798 USD

Fees for exchanging money

Keep in mind that when exchanging money, everyone wants a cut. Walk-in banks and currency exchange booths are hit-or-miss in terms of how much they take. ATMs and charging with credit cards can be a better bargain. Check with your banks first though. Fees are all over the place. Some charge nothing and others can charge flats fees plus additional rates upwards of 3% or more, which is like throwing away money. Here's a good article on the topic.

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Nudist Travel Website Advertising Not Easy

Friday, October 05, 2007

My apologies for any explicit advertising that appeared on this nudist travel blog recently. The problem has been corrected.

Finding advertising for a nudist travel website is not easy nor lucrative, but my main motivation is getting the word out about nudist travel. For those looking for nudist travel information, I hope this blog is of help or at least points readers in the right direction.

It's really incredibly time-consuming to research and write about nudist travel topics. Getting a part time job at a gas station or fast food place would earn me more money. But it's not about that for me. My secondary goal is simply earning gas money and maybe even food money for nudist travel.

To achieve this, I had used the "Ads by Google" system for several months with good success. It provided useful, family-friendly links to nudist destinations and travel sites. I made a few dollars from it and I was happy. Then one day I was banned.

I guess this nudist blog is too adult oriented for Google ads.

I don't think this blog is any more adult-oriented than AANR or even newspaper articles about nudism such as the ones I've mentioned here in the past. With nudism fortunately becoming more popular in local and national newspapers, I am surprised at being banned.

Still, my desire to get gas money lead me to a different ad network called AdBrite. They reviewed this nudist blog and thought it was ok. Everything was good again.

Though not as good as Google, AdBrite seemed to be the only option. Then one day, they decided this blog was pornography and started putting adult-oriented ads on the site. I'm not exactly sure when this started, but I just found out a few days ago and have removed these ads. This was a shock to me, but I cannot blame AdBrite. I think I messed up on some settings. This is now fixed but it seemed to make sense to try something new.

You'll now notice Amazon nudist-related books more prominently on this blog. These books are written on several nudist topics, mostly about history, though there are a few nudist travel and lifestyle ones. I own a few myself. What better to read while lounging at a nudist resort pool than a nudist book?

I've also switched to a new ad system, Oxado. It puts text ads on the site. They gave me the option to omit adult-oriented ads, which I've chosen to do. I hope this works out better and keeps this nudist blog family safe. This system might be good for others like me, so try it out if you have a blog.

The moral of the story is that it's too bad there aren't more choices for people who want to create helpful, wholesome blogs or websites about nudism and who want to earn a little revenue from the effort.

I think that if there was an incentive system, it would motivate other nudists to learn how to create blogs and get the word out. There are only a small number of people who are able to give up entertainment activities, like watching TV, to do nudist writing for the fun of it. Talking about nudist travel and life is what will help sustain the community in the long run.


9 Ways to Be Clothes Free in Any Town

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Looking at the laws of most US towns, it seems that the laws for wearing clothing are determined by 2 simple factors:
  1. The category of room you are in
  2. Who can see you
If you think about it, nudity is permitted in many common situations:
  1. Undress in a locker room
  2. Shower without clothes at home or in a locker room
  3. Undress and do all sorts of naked posturing for a doctor
  4. Be clothesfree, wearing just in a towel, at a spa
  5. Get undressed at a dressing room in a clothing store
  6. Be naked inside your house as long as the windows are closed
  7. Be naked in your garage as long as the windows are closed
  8. Possibly be naked in your yard if it is fully enclosed are you are concealed
  9. Be naked all of the time if you are a non-human animal
In contrast, there are places in the US to be naked 100% of the time. Nudist resorts offer this comfort as do a handful of beaches.

Swimming without a soggy bathing suit is the way to relax.

Nudist resorts allow you to do a lot of the activities not allowed elsewhere.

For example, we've now dined several times in nudist resort restaurants while in the nude. Fun as long as you don't spill anything hot!

Play nude volleyball. Hike nude. Bike nude. Camp nude. Many nudist resorts offer these types of activities.

Europe has even more opportunities to go without restrictive clothing. Topless bathing is the norm and many places are clothing optional.

Then there's the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, France. That place is cool. Shop in the nude, dine in the nude, swim at the beach in the nude. I've mentioned Cap d'Agde here a few times.

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