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Caribbean Nudist Resort is Hot This Winter

Friday, December 15, 2006

Literally. The temperature is in the 80s. During January, February and March, the temperature will stay in the 80s with a very slight chance of rain. That is the forecast.

On the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean is Sorobon Beach Naturist Resort, a small family-oriented nudist resort and a nice place to escape from the cold winter weather of North America.

This is a place where you can sit on a quiet beach and just lounge around naked all day in the warm sun...maybe read a book or two. The laid-back atmosphere of the resort reflects the tiny island of Bonaire, an island with no traffic lights.

Between lounging sessions, naturists can keep busy with other activities not typically found in United States resorts.

There’s nude snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the 4-foot deep bay the resort is on. Watch the fish and even sea turtles swim by. Snorkeling equipment is available at the resort.

On Mondays, a trimaran sailboat named the “Woodwind” takes visitors on a nude cruise. The boat takes passengers out to another snorkeling area during a 3-hour trip. According to the resort's website, “all you need is a towel, sun-cream and a smile.”

If you’d rather be captain of your own ship, the resort has kayaks available for use. Nude kayaking sounds like fun and a perfect way to see nature.

Twice a week, yoga classes are held on the beach. The small beachfront restaurant also has a bar. And if you just cannot get away from the Internet, the resort has wireless access.

For accommodations, the resort has about 40 one and two bedroom chalets for visitors to stay in and every chalet is within 50 yards of the sea. For a 1-room chalet, rates are about $150 a night during low season and just above $250 a night during peak season (winter).

Here’s an aerial photo of the resort using Google Maps aerial photo. The resort's website only has a limited aerial photo but this Google Maps view does a better job at showing how secluded the resort is. Zoom out and the small size of the island of Bonaire is clear.

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