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Curious About Nudist Travel? Take the "30 Minutes of Nudist Audio Challenge"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What is being without clothing at a nudist resort is really like? What is the true naturist experience?

Take the Nudist Travel Guide Blog's "30 Minutes of Nudist Audio Challenge."   The challenge is to listen to 30 minutes of real life stories as told by naturists of all ages and learn what nudism is really about.  This challenge will provide participants with a more accurate understanding of naturism and help dispel myths and misconceptions.

The 30-minute audio piece was created by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio National's Street Stories - the same quality as NPR (National Public Radio) in the United States.  Great job by Kevin Klehr of Street Stories!

Here's part of the description from the Street Stories website:
"In this program producer Kevin Klehr goes 'Swimming with Nudists' and invites listeners to grab a towel and learn about the extraordinary rules nudists must abide by in their quest to feel free. Whether nude bushwalking, playing frisbee or attending an inner-city dinner party, you must never forget the Code of the Nudist."
This insightful, high-quality audio collage of naturist stories is an essential listen for anyone curious about the nudist travel experience:  Listen to the 'Swimming with Nudists' audio MP3 file here (ABC Radio National's website)

After listening to the audio, listeners should reflect on it.  If what the naturists in the audio are saying is try, is nude recreation worth a try?


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