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Ride a Bike in the Nude and Support a Cause

Friday, October 20, 2006

Have you ever heard of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR)? This is a unique nudist travel option with an activist twist.

This current message on the official WNBR website is the easiest way to explain it: "On March 10th and June 9th and 30th, 2007 cities across the world will experience the naked joy of the world's largest naked protest against oil dependency and car culture in the history of humanity. It is time to stop indecent exposure to automobile emissions and to celebrate the power and individuality of our bodies! Naked Bicycle People Power!"

If you are looking for something worthwhile to do in 2007, this could be it. The current locations for 2007 include London, Miami, Seattle and Washington, DC but more locations will likely be added as the event nears, according to the website. Updates on locations and more info is available on the official WNBR wiki.

I found this quote from Conrad Schmidt, founder of World Naked Bike Ride: "Our message to the world is one of simplification, human harmony and love. For a future to exist for tomorrows generations, we have to stop wasting the life blood energy of the Earth, stop fighting and killing in the name of consumerist wealth accumulation and learn to love and respect all life on this planet." How could any person disagree with that message? Sounds like an event worth traveling to.

The events around the world are clothing optional. So if you want to show your support, but aren't ready to be naked, you can still participate...though that would defeat the purpose. You can register for the event on the WNBR website.

A post by Suncatcher on the forum gets at the impact of WNBR and its importance to nudism: "I believe onlookers are first intrigued by the casual non-conformity and the novelty, but the lasting impression is one of harmless fun that motivates them to wonder why society is so hung up on simple nudity. Who exactly is served and protected by an ordinance that criminalizes simple non-sexual nudity? When the population majority realizes that only people with an unhealthy self-image are served by such ordinances, then maybe we will begin to see the dismantling of anti-nudity legislation" (source).

That is a day pure nudists and naturists look forward to - and it would certainly open the doors for nudist travel, a freedom so very limited. I encourage you to learn more about World Naked Bike Ride.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger natureboy said...

I ride in the San Francisco event. It is an absoulute blast. We ride about 2-3 hours through the city. Come join us!



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