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2.4 Million Nude Telecommuters

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When you can’t travel nude, working at home nude is the next best thing. The AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) and others have recently made known the results of a survey conducted by SonicWALL, a network security provider. According to the survey of people who work at home: “Out of 941 workers surveyed, 12% of males and 7% of females reveal that they work in the nude.” That’s about 10%. How many people do you know who work just at home? Probably not a lot, but 1 in 10 work naked.

Do you know that 12% of corporate employees telecommute? A January 2006 article on telecommuting mentioned findings that 24 million corporate employees (12%) now telecommute at least part of the time (source: TheWeek).

Do the math. 10% of 24 million is 2.4 million. Yes, 2.4 million telecommuters work at home in the nude.

Here’s where the math doesn’t add up. There’s 2,400,000 telecommuters working at home in the nude, yet there are only 50,000 members in AANR, an organization whose mission is to "Promote, enhance, and protect in appropriate settings, nude recreation and nude living in the Americas."

Since AANR members come from all walks of life, from telecommuters to blue collar workers to fanatics to retirees, one would have to assume that there are millions of people not afraid to be nude outside of their showers. Yet, these people are still afraid to step outside their doors nude.

These naked people should be reading educational websites like this one and thinking about becoming AANR members or joining other similar organizations worldwide.

There's a huge world of nude opportunities outside the home, from campgrounds to beaches to resorts and events.


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