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8 Naked Ways to Have Fun Indoors Without Clothes

Sunday, December 23, 2007

With winter making most of the United States and Europe too cold for outdoor nude recreation, many nudist travelers are longing for warmer weather.

If going south is not an option,  here are 8 alternative ways to enjoy nude recreation indoors without traveling.

All of these nude recreation activities can be done inside your home relatively cheap.
  1. Exercise in front of the TV with work-out tapes but without clothes
  2. Naked yoga:  More and more people are realizing the advantages of yoga without clothing
  3. Ping pong:  Get a ping pong table and play ping pong in the buff
  4. Billiards:  Get a pool table and play billiards without clothes
  5. Table tops games:  Better yet, get one of those gaming tables that converts from a pool table to a ping pong table to a tabletop foosball game.
  6. Air hockey:  Air hockey tables can be had cheap and are another way to do indoor nude recreation
  7. Board games:  Play Scrabble, nude, but with double points for nude recreation words
  8. Reverse Strip Poker:  Start out nude but put on clothing if you lose
Have fun!

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