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A Return to Solair Nudist Resort in Woodstock, Connecticut

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The second time is a charm.

We've been to Solair nudist resort once before several years ago and were in the Boston area again.  We had to make a return.  The nude recreation destination is a great day trip from Boston if you want a day of family-friendly fun in the sun.

Solair Recreation League is located in Woodstock, Connecticut in the north east corner of CT, minutes from the Massachusetts border. It is about an hour and half from Boston, MA. If you ever happen to visit Boston (which is a good time in itself), Solair is an easy nakation day trip with a rental car.

We returned to spend the day at Solair late last summer. Having been there once before, we knew what to expect but explored to see some new things we missed on the first visit.

We just paid the day fees at the entrance and were on our way. Solair offers discounted day fees for those under 40. It seems to be a good incentive. We saw a good mix of ages and people under 40.

It was a nice day. Everyone we interacted with were very friendly.  Just like our first visit, the grounds were in great condition.   There's a lot to like about Solair.  Here's my favorite things. 

What I like about Solair Recreation League nudist resort:

  • This nudist resort is member owned.  The members take care of it and are very friendly to guests.  In fact, a lot of friendly regulars who have summer homes on the grounds and know the region well and can recommend restaurants and such.
  • You feel "away from it all" here on the large wooded grounds.
  • Nice pool, sometimes has water volleyball games on busy summer weekends (it did during our first visit)
  • Indoor hot tub and sauna
  • Lake with paddle boats but no alligators like in Florida. Go skinnydipping or take a paddle boat out.
  • Small recreation room with pool table and ping pong - if you get a cool day, there's at least something to do in the nude indoors.
  • Lots of nude hiking and walking on both the paved roads in the residential area and wooded trails (I'm not sure that there are maps for the wooded trails.  You may have to ask a member.)  We took a walk all around the residential area and then onto a short trail that goes up a hill and overlooks the lake.
  • If you bring a bike, you could ride your bike on the paved roads on the grounds.
  • Tennis courts - not sure if you have to bring your own rackets and balls.
  • Some food served in cafe on the weekends

What not to expect:

  • It's not a place big on nightlife.
  • It's more of a "very nice campground" than a "resort".
  • Food options are packing a picnic lunch might be a good idea.
  • Don't expect you can be disrespectful to others.  The members care about this place a lot and they want visitors to do the same.
Having now been to many more nudist resorts over the years, I have to say that Solair is an excellent facility given that it is a northern US nudist resort that has a short season.

If you are going for a first time visit, read Solair's website or maybe call first. It seems they want first timers to only visit on weekends, at least that is my understanding. I think this is because they need to have someone on hand to give a tour.

At least as of my last visit in late 2009, Solair had a policy that during the first 4 visits, they want visitors to spend time talking with a member who does an interview as part of a membership screening/recruitment process. I had previously thought that this would be a pain in the butt (I have mixed feelings about these types of red tape procedures that detract from nakationing). But we did talk to a member this visit. It wasn't a big deal at all. It was a casual 10 minute chat. The nudist member who interviewed us was friendly and asked us our experience, told us a little bit about the place, and asked if we had any questions.

If you're in the area, give Solair Recreation League a try.

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