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5 Reasons 2008 is the Year of the Nudist

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 could be a big year for nude recreation.

US nudist campgrounds, resorts and beaches all over the country could be busy this year. [See the list of nudist clubs on the American Association for Nude Recreation's (AANR) website]

Here's 5 reason why:

1. USA Nudists will get extra money in May, just in time for nudist season.

The USA government is giving out economic stimulus payments in May. This means an extra up to $600 for nudist singles and up to $1200 for nudist couples. Many nudists will put this money towards USA nudist travel. See the IRS website for the facts.

$1200 in the hands of a nudist couple is enough to buy a long weekend at a nearby nudist campground or resort.

What better way to spend extra money than nude recreation? Name something better, I dare you!

2. Less USA nudists are heading to Europe this year.

The US dollar losing value to the Euro has been all over the news lately. Today, it costs $1.56 USD to buy 1 Euro. Add at least 2% to 5% percent on top of the exchange rate for currency exchange fees at banks and with credit cards. Many USA nudists will have to skip the European nudist vacation and stay in North America.

Luckily, the experts on TV say things will even out in a few years. For now though, many American nudists will wait it out.

I highly recommend Europe and loved the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, France, but when I went, the exchange rate wasn't as bad.

3. European nudists ARE heading to the USA.

Whereas USA culture still finds nude recreation awkward, this is not so much the case in Europe. Nude recreation is common with the French, Germans, Spaniards, British and others.

And now more than ever, coming to the USA for nude recreation is a bargain. Imagine being able to convert 1 Euro into $1.56 US dollars. It makes coming to the USA for vacation much more affordable.

4. Nudism awareness in the USA is higher than ever.

I'm taking a guess here. It would seem that with all of the media coverage of nudism over the last 2 years, the awareness of the idea of nudism would be higher than ever in the USA. Back before the Internet, this media attention would go to waste. But today, someone reads about nudist travel in the New York Times or Conde Nast Traveler and then can go online for more information about the nudist resort discussed. Just about every nudist resort's website has a FAQ about nude recreation that should make people new to the concept comfortable. For instance, see Paradise Lake's.

5. Good things are happening.

While not everything is rosy, the long-running USA-focused nudist blog makes regular mention of good USA nudist travel happenings. mentions that the oldest nudist resort in Florida, Lake Como Nudist Resort, is getting a modern upgrade in 2008 by adding a new RV and mobile home park within the grounds. See "Lake Como adds RV park" on

There you have it! 2008 has a lot of potential for nude recreation, doesn't it?

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