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Nudist Cruises in All Shapes and Sizes - the New Modern Travel Alternative

Monday, October 09, 2006

Though a relatively new to the travel scene, there are now many clothing-optional sailing options, from large cruise ships with a thousand people to more personal chartered yachts with you, your mate, and maybe a handful of others. Whatever the choice, clothing-optional boating offers an escape from the complexities of modern life and an alternative to one-size-fits-all travel options.

Larger nudist cruises sail in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Expect all of the accomodations and friendliness but without the clothing (except when going to shore). Among the options are: Bare Necessities Cruises and Caliente Resort's Windjammer.

Chartered yachts are more intimate. Many offer easy access to the water for ocean skinny dipping, naked snorkeling or even nude scuba diving. Here's few chartered yachts/sailboats options for naked cruises in the Caribbean: Caribbean Nude Sailing, Nude Crewz, and Boat In The Buff.

Just don't use the phrase "Nice dinghy!" or you may get thrown off the ship.



At 2:06 AM, Blogger Edenbayer said...

You can find some of Caliente Windjammer pictures on my website by following the link provided below:
Windjammer Cruise Pictures


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