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Silly Brits at it Again - First Monty Python, now the Full Monty

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Though in a strange foreign language called British English, hours of work with dictionary in hand allowed the understanding of a BBC UK article about football players playing nude.

Synopsis: 'Though using a soccer ball instead of a football, a group of 6 nude footballers were videotaped playing a game of soccer while in an empty stadium. The video ended up on Youtube for a short time before being removed because of terms of service violations. Though authorities were not impressed, the scolding was minor.'

In the US, when two groups of players scrimage one another and neither has team shirts, one team wears shirts and the other wears skins. Appearantly, in the UK "shirts versus skins" is a whole different ballgame altogether.

There is one thing sport playing US nudists have in common with UK nudists and other nudists around the world: Petanque. Petanque is common at naturist campgrounds and resorts around the world. Wherever your nudist travel takes you, be assured that petanque will probably be there.


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