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Where do real nudists talk online?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

When they aren't searching for cheap plane tickets to a naturist destination such as the central Florida nudist resorts, some nudist travelers spend time on online forums. Here's 4 of the top quality "authentic" nudist discussion forums online with active members and good moderation. These are good places to ask questions and learn:
  • forum - Very active with good members

  • Go Bare - British naturist forum that is good to investigate is planning a trip to the UK area.

  • Clothes Free - Very active on US and international nudist travel topics. Good place to get advice.

  • Net Nude - Kind of an old-school forum, but it is active. Requires that you login before viewing.
This brings me to another important question: Where do nudists trampoline online? Surprisingly there is an answer.


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