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Nudist hiking in northwest Canada - "privacy and stunning terrain"

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hiking is good for you and excercises the body and the mind.  Hiking is quiet time away from day-to-day life. Naturist hiking offers more freedom from day-to-day life and gets you even more in tune with the earth.

If you've ever wondered where to hike in the nude among the most pristine settings on earth, northwest Canada may be the answer.  In a really good article about nudist hiking in northwest Canada, George Walker says that "The [Canadian] North, more than anywhere else on the continent, offers what naturists most desire: guaranteed privacy and stunning terrain."

Check out the article.  It is entertaining and informative:  "The Great Wide Open"  (UpHere Magazine - Explore Canada's Far North).  Just watch out for grizzly bears.



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