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Inform Your Partner with 3 Free Nudist Lifestyle Gifts

Friday, November 24, 2006

You have a relationship challenge. Your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend does not have the same feelings about nudism as you do. This causes conflict. You want your lifestyle to be accepted and you want your partner to be a part of it. What to do? What to do?

You are not alone. This is a common challenge. American culture, conservative organizations and popular media have created a lot of false stereotypes about the nudist lifestyle. There may be an answer.

Ask your partner to at least hear the other side of the story from people who know nudism well. If your partner agrees, Nudist Travel Guide Blog has compiled a list of 3 free gifts to introduce your partner to the nudist lifestyle.

1. First, introduce the topic. “Honey, look what I found on Wikipedia.” Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, provides an extensive, fact-oriented definition about naturism: "The terms naturism, nudism and social nudity are generally defined as the practice of going nude, especially in a mixed social setting. The terms naturism and nudism generally also mean that the activities are done in non-sexualized, family-friendly contexts." Visit Wikipedia Naturism definition and print it out and have your partner read it.

2. Second, give your partner a printout out of the free classic “205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism”compiled by K. Bacher. Part of the Bacher’s introduction spells out the document's importance: “More than ever, Naturists need powerful arguments to defend their chosen lifestyle against those who cannot see beyond their own misconceptions and preconceived notions. We need evidence and testimony to encourage others to give Naturism a try.” Bacher understands exactly. Download the free“205 arguments”PDF. This comes from The Naturist Society (TNS), one of the leading naturist organizations who's slogan is "Body Acceptance is the Idea, Nude Recreation is the Way."

3. Third, give your partner a free MP3 file about nudism that he or she can play on the computer or MP3 player or iPod. This free MP3 is a 30-minute audio compilation of stories told by experienced naturists. This will help your partner learn what nudism is really about. Hearing the voices of other people really helps create an understanding. It is put out by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation show Street Stories. Directly download 30-Minute MP3 file (14 MB).

I hope these tools are educational to your partner. You may even learn a few things too.


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The “205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism” comes from The Naturist Society, which should be given credit.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Nude Travel said...

Fixed it! I had the author, but forgot the organization.

For readers new to naturism, one of the many Naturist Society (TNS) naturist gatherings throughout the US would be a comfortable way to try it out. It is very easy to adapt when you are around long-time naturists. View The Naturist Society's 2007 calendar here

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Sara Stinberlake said...

LOL! good ideas

I was not born into naturism. I was brought up in a very open-minded and accepting househould, and as a kid I was often given the chance to skinny dip in our neighbors' pools. At about age 5 or 6, I would find myself having "deep" conversations with my friends about why we even had to wear clothes since it felt so great to just be naked, but I never questioned an adult about it. Then at age 12 my parents bought me my first computer and I wandered upon some naturists sites. Being a horny little 12 year old, I fell into the immediate thought of nudity = sex. After looking through a few sites and reading the stories, I realized that nudity did not always equal sex, and that there were indeed others out there like me who enjoyed being clothes free, without the arousal. At age 14, I discovered that was a resort about an hour away from where I lived, and I was determined to get there. At that point, I proclaimed myself a nudist...but in the closet about it. After sending the resort a few e-mails, they replied and said I had to be 18 or accompanied by a guardian. Disappointed, I spent the next four years of my life sporadically skinny dipping in lakes and pools around the area. And then I finally turned 18, and summer was beginning. I called the local resort and told them I was coming. I drove there, signed in, and spent the entire day nude with a bunch of friendly naturists. I went swimming, hiking, spent some time in the hot tub, and then socialized for a little while. I had finally become a nudist Last December and met many good friends on, it's a cool place to meet some new&pure nudist friends...


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