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Naked Must Do List for World's Largest Naturist Village Part 2: Dining Out

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Nudist Travel Guide Blog introduced the Naked 'Must Do' List series to provide a resource about Cap d’Agde Naturist Quarter in France, the world's largest naturist village.

The Naked Must Do List series explores the best activities Cap d’Agde vacationers can enjoy without clothes. Part 1 talked about nude grocery shopping. In this Part 2 of the Naked Must Do List, the essential activity of dining out au natural is the focus.

Dining while nude is a liberating and fun experience in the Naturist Quarter. There are 30 or 40 different places to dine during the main tourist season from May to October.

The Nudist Travel Guide Blog author has eaten at a handful of the inexpensive, outdoor terrace-style restaurants in the Naturist Quarter - a return trip will be necessary to try the other restaurants. All restaurants so far were enjoyable and being naked made for a unique dining experience hard to duplicate anywhere else in the world.

Clothing is OK too. People tend to wear some form of covering in the evening and at least one fancy restaurant even requires patrons to wear nice clothing.

Even on the beachfront terrace cafes during a hot summer day, some of the patrons will wear clothing. Maybe they just prefer to be nude on the beach or maybe they are novices. At Cap d’Agde, it doesn’t matter if you wear nothing at all or dress like an Eskimo. Everybody blends in and it is a very tolerant culture.

In his more sexually-focused than naturist-focused book on Cap d’Agde, “The Naked Truth about Cap d’Agde”, Ross Velton briefly discusses restaurants and makes the point that Cap d’Agde “lacks the consistently fine dining opportunities found elsewhere in the country” and also says that non-fussy eaters will have no problem with the selection of foods. His opinion seems correct.

There are no 5 star gourmet restaurants in the Naturist Quarter but the selection of foods is vast and varied enough to keep everyone happy.

On many of the menus can be found dishes like mussels with Roquefort, grilled shellfish, shrimp, squid and octopus, goat and sheep cheeses, fish soups, and beef dishes. Some menus include Italian pizza and pasta dishes while other include more exotic dishes.

So bring your towel to sit on and head for one of the commercial areas in the Naturist Quarter for a selection of restaurants to be discussed in Part 3.

Have you dined at Cap d’Agde? What was your experience? Comments welcome.

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At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had an amazing time in Cap 'd Agde in 1999! I was a relative "newbie" to nudism, but found the beautiful beach and friendly people, from all over the world, not just France, to be completely inviting. It's funny, at Cap 'd Agde, people are nudists in the daytime, with families with children and grandparents at the beach in the daytime, but at night, most people were headed to the clubs, and dressed in dare-wear. It was a much different atmosphere. The restaurants' description here is correct...good food of many varieties, but we didn't see any elegant 5-star establishments when we were there. Excellent night life for those in the lifestyle.


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