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9 Ways to Be Clothes Free in Any Town

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Looking at the laws of most US towns, it seems that the laws for wearing clothing are determined by 2 simple factors:
  1. The category of room you are in
  2. Who can see you
If you think about it, nudity is permitted in many common situations:
  1. Undress in a locker room
  2. Shower without clothes at home or in a locker room
  3. Undress and do all sorts of naked posturing for a doctor
  4. Be clothesfree, wearing just in a towel, at a spa
  5. Get undressed at a dressing room in a clothing store
  6. Be naked inside your house as long as the windows are closed
  7. Be naked in your garage as long as the windows are closed
  8. Possibly be naked in your yard if it is fully enclosed are you are concealed
  9. Be naked all of the time if you are a non-human animal
In contrast, there are places in the US to be naked 100% of the time. Nudist resorts offer this comfort as do a handful of beaches.

Swimming without a soggy bathing suit is the way to relax.

Nudist resorts allow you to do a lot of the activities not allowed elsewhere.

For example, we've now dined several times in nudist resort restaurants while in the nude. Fun as long as you don't spill anything hot!

Play nude volleyball. Hike nude. Bike nude. Camp nude. Many nudist resorts offer these types of activities.

Europe has even more opportunities to go without restrictive clothing. Topless bathing is the norm and many places are clothing optional.

Then there's the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, France. That place is cool. Shop in the nude, dine in the nude, swim at the beach in the nude. I've mentioned Cap d'Agde here a few times.

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