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Follow the Path to Naked Gardening in England

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Abbey House Gardens in Wiltshire, England is giving new meaning to being one with nature.

According to a BBC article, "A couple who garden in the buff are holding more open days when the public can walk around their garden naked." (Source).

During these 'clothing optional' days, visitors can tour the couples' garden in the nude for a variety of benefits (according to the Abbey House Gardens website):
  • escape the pressures of daily living
  • get back in touch with your inner self
  • be inspired
  • find time to unwind in fresh air
  • enjoy some gentle exercise in beautiful surroundings
  • meet up with friends & relatives in an easily accessible place
Sounds perfect!

If you love gardens and being outdoors without clothes - the ways humans have for thousands of years - then this is a place worth exploring.

The BBC has done an absolutely fabulous job of covering this clothes-free garden story through a series of articles and a video over the last few years. Take a look at some of what the BBC has documented:
Also, visit the official Abbey House Gardens website.

I'd love to see something like this at a nudist resort closer to home (United States).

Maybe this exists already, but wouldn't it be groovy if a North America AANR-affiliated clothing-optional club with a large property and lots of woods allocated a few acres for members/visitors to use as a community gardening space?

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