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Nude New Jersey: Gunnison Beach versus Rock Lodge Nudist Club

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time for a battle of nudist travel destinations.

Which of these New Jersey nudist destinations is better? Let's look at Gunnison Beach and Rock Lodge Nudist Resort.

Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ is usually ranked as one of the Top 5 nudist beaches in the US.

Gunnison Beach is part of a National Park Service park. It's just a beach and lacks the amenities of Rock Lodge. However, it offers the clothes-free freedom not found at a clothed beach. Bring a towel, a book and some food to make a clothes-free day of it.

Rock Lodge, in nearby northern NJ, is an AANR-affiliated nudist club with a long nudist history and a lot more to do. The club has a lake for swimming, a hot tub, sauna, tennis courts, and even hiking on the club's 145 acres.

This quote on Rock Lodge's website shows that people like the place:
"Out of all the nudist resorts we have visited, we can't think of a more friendly bunch of people who made us feel very welcome right from the start. We will most definitely return." —Rich and Mary

Comparing when to visit

The downside of visiting Gunnison is parking as the National Park Service outlines:

"Summer weekends may be busy. When parking areas are full, the park closes until parking becomes available. To avoid delays, arrive before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m. Traffic is never a problem on weekdays."

The downside of Rock Lodge is that it only allows non-member guests on the weekends. It is members-only during the week.

Comparing Rules and regulations

The rules for Gunnison Beach are quite simple: follow the law.

Rock Lodge has more restrictive rules and regulations to ensure a wholesome, safe environment for visitors. I respect that, but the rules can be frustrating too.

According to the Rock Lodge website, the following steps must be completed before visiting:

"Step 1
Email, mail or call us. In your message please tell us something about yourselve(s). Please include whether you intend to visit as a couple, family, single female or single male.

Step 2
Wait for our reply. We will reply as soon a possible with additional information and directions to Rock Lodge Club. Emails usually get the fastest response.

Step 3
When you arrive, you will be greeted by a Rock Lodge representative who will introduce you to the club and current members as you tour the grounds."

These steps ensure piece of mind for all guests and the Rock Lodge environment should feel safer than Gunnison. Nude US/Canada beaches are not as controled as nudist resorts.

For example, during my recent trip to Wreck Beach, another top nude beach, I felt on edge and worried about gawkers and people with cameras. That type of worry goes away in nudist resorts.

So who costs more? Gunnison or Rock Lodge?

Both are priced fairly, but differently. The Park Service charges Gunnison Beach visitors a $10 per vehicle daily fee (bikes are free) or $50 for season pass.

Rock Lodge is $24 per person ($19 for AANR members) day fee for non-members of the club.

Rock Lodge has further limitations. According to the Rock Lodge website "Visitors are allowed 2 visits before membership is required." After two visits to Rock Lodge, it's a minimum of $100 a year for an Associate membership to return, plus grounds fees - except that Full members (who pay $450) visit free. For the 2nd to 4th year, there's a $50 initiation fee per person.

Final Score:

Tied. Both offer something to the nudist. Rock Lodge is better for first time nudists and those looking for a more regulated environment. Gunnison Beach is good for a swim in the ocean on weekdays, but the weekends are tough unless you go super early. The beach also lacks controls to keep potential gawkers out.

Gunnison Beach and Rock Lodge Nudist Club are very different types of nudist experiences so comparing them almost isn't fair. If you are in the New Jersey area, I recommend giving both a try.

Better yet, if the Pocono region of eastern Pennsylvania is accessible to you, consider Sunny Rest Lodge. It's open to guests 7 days a week and you can visit as often as you'd like. Visiting is easy. I'll be providing a trip report soon.


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