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Swimming Nude in Antarctica

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Would you try nude swimming in Antarctica?

The crew and guests aboard the 24-day "Dive Antarctica" voyage had the opportunity. The trip's purpose was to explore the Antarctic undersea world and the above-ground landscape.

Calling this a 'vacation' is not the right word. The excursion seems more of a 'quest', an adventure into lands few have seen. The intense and physically challenging Antarctic diving required that the guests be highly trained and experienced divers. They were rewarded with incredible sights throughout the trip.

Between spectacular diving sessions, the travelers had a little downtime. Some tried swimming in the cold waters. After shedding clothing, a few on the excursion took the opportunity to swim naked - the ultimate nude Polar Bear swim.

Here's footage of a man and woman from the Dive Antarctica excursion skinnydipping in the Antarctic Sea:


During the trip, the team discovered some pollution in the waters, some from tourism and more at a research station. In a noble effort to keep the environment pristine, Dive Antarctica is proposing to return in 2007 to do a clean-up mission.

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