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Nude Cruise Report: A Wonderful Return to Clothes-free Freedom

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Most people I know where born without clothing. Today presents a fond story of a group of 1,200 travelers turning a regular cruise-ship into a nude cruise, a cruise without the constraint of clothing.

The nudist travelers have taken over the M/S Holland America's Maasdam cruise ship, with the help of Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, who have chartered over 40 clothing-optional cruises since 1991.

Mike reports today from aboard the ship to tell us more about the cruise.

Aboard The M/S Holland America Maasdam (February 8, 2007) – After two days in ports, forced to wear all those silly clothes from morning until night, we 1,200 nudists aboard this magnificent ship showed our appreciation for a return to blissful nudity during this full day at sea. Breakfast this morning at the casual indoor/outdoor Lido buffet restaurant on pool deck 11 this morning was attended by an overwhelmingly unclothed crowd, with everyone more than ready to get back to clothes freedom for another glorious day of sailing.

Promenade deck 6 was a popular place as well this morning, where many Maasdam passengers enjoyed a beautiful morning walk around the open deck, which encircles the ship. Few things in this world can compare with the bright morning sun and warm breeze against the skin, walking the length of a beautiful ship on the open sea, surrounded by and dressed in Nature's own splendor.

The surest way for a pretty woman to attract attention around the pool of the Maasdam is to show up wearing a bikini or thong. She'll get plenty of looks, not because we're all thrilled by her skimpy bathing costume, but because she is bothering to wear one at all during a cruise for which we all paid a premium in order to be able to dispense with such distractions. Likewise, gentlemen who arrive poolside in a thong or Speedo will find themselves distinctly out of place and very much overdressed, since the whole point of this wonderful 10-day cruise was to be unencumbered by those restrictive, clingy and wholly unnecessary adornments.

Thankfully and quite typically for nude cruises like this one, folks wearing bathing suits around the two pools of the Maasdam are the rare exception, and those that do usually dispense with whatever they are wearing once they find a lounger or table at which to situate themselves. We have had the company of some of the ship's production show dancers and other entertainers around the pools throughout the week, and slowly we are seeing the females enjoying top-freedom, although the males have so far remained in their swimsuits while sunning and swimming along with us.

Tonight we look forward to the big "Under The Sea" costume ball, with several hundred entrants expected to be in the parade and contest around the ship. My wife and I will be among them, dressed as King Neptune and a Mermaid...wish us luck. Last time we wore these rented costumes, during the Nude Millennium Cruise on New Year's Eve 1999, we took first place!

Here's some of Mike's pictures from yesterday in Willemstad, Curacao - clothes had to be worn while the ship was in port, due to regulations.

Willemstad Harbor looks as good at night as it does during the day.

A steel drummer entertains guests on the ship.

A BBQ dinner buffet.

View of the pool during the day with Willemstad port in Curacao in the background.

View of the pool at night.

Thanks Mike. Good luck in the contest and have fun!

For those just joining us, be sure to read the previous nude cruise reports to learn more about clothes-free nudist cruises: February 4, 5, 6, and 7.

And of course, if you have your own story to tell or questions to ask, please feel free to leave comments.

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