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Nudist Fitness Expert / Radio Show Host Offers Nude 5K Race Tips

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pete Williams knows fitness and nudism well.

On his average Friday afternoon, Pete Williams hosts the longest-running nude broadcast in radio history.

The Fitness Buff radio show airs on the WTAN Tan Talk radio network in Tampa Bay, Florida. The radio show is broadcast live (and online) and in the buff with co-host Sabrina Vizzari and sidekick Shannon Pankow at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Land O Lakes, FL. The nude radio show has focused on helping its listeners live longer, live fitter and live better since its inception in 2005.

Pete Williams writes about sports and fitness topics regularly and has appeared in Men’s Health, USA Today and many other publications. Pete is also a staff writer for the Bulletin, the American Association for Nude Recreation’s (AANR) monthly newspaper for its 50,000+ members.

Pete is also co-author of the popular Core Performance fitness book series written with legendary trainer Mark Verstegen. Pete even finds time to keep active and recently competed in a duathlon running and bicycling event.

Today, Pete answers questions for my Nudist Travel blog audience about the inaugural Cotton Tail 5K Fun Run to be held Saturday, April 21st, 2007 at 6PM at Paradise Lakes Clothing-Optional Resort. The event traverses through the gated 72-acre resort and provides an ideal environment for running clothes-free.


The inaugural Cotton Tail 5K Fun Run expands upon Paradise Lake’s 12 successful years with the Sneaker Streaker 5K. Ages ranged from 18 to 79 in the 2006 Sneaker Streaker. Times ranged from 17 to 41 minutes. Is the new Cotton Tail 5K likewise an event for all ages and skill levels?


Absolutely! We welcome people of all ages and skill levels and, it should be noted, in all stages of undress. We've found with the Sneaker Streaker that most people go nude for these clothing-optional 5K races since that's the attraction. Many people do it on a dare or to be able to say they did it at one point in their lives. Others find they enjoy it so much that they do it every year - or become avid nudists, even joining Paradise Lakes. With the success of the Sneaker Streaker 5K, which will take place on Sept. 22, 2007, we thought it only made sense to have a spring event.


Food. You’re an upcoming tri-athlete. What do you eat prior to competitive events? Should Fun Run participants worry about nutrition?


Great question. You never want to compete on an empty stomach. Nutrition before a 5K race isn't as big a concern as, say, a longer run or triathlon, but you definitely want to eat something with carbs and a little protein. Examples would be toast with peanut butter, one-half of an energy bar, or a 16-ounce sports drink. Be sure to drink 16 to 20 ounces of fluid (if you didn't opt for the sports drink) in the hour before the race. After the race, you want to consume a mix of carbs and protein as quickly as possible. Thankfully, we'll have plenty of refreshments available. Incidentally, if you're interested in learning more about pre- and post-race nutrition, check out my new book CORE PERFORMANCE ENDURANCE, the third book in the CORE PERFORMANCE series I've written with prominent trainer Mark Verstegen.


To keep the Fun Run "fun", beer and water stations will be along the course. I can understand beer, but why water? :)


"Fun" run will mean different things to different people. For some, just the idea of going nude is what makes it fun. This event takes place the weekend between two prominent triathlons in the Tampa Bay area, so some athletes are looking at it as a "recovery" race or true fun run, not something that's going to have them focusing on their finish time. Though we provide beer on the course, I'm not sure how many people are going to take us up on it during the race unless they're going at a very slow pace or even walking. Water is a must for hydration, whether you're drinking beer along the course or not.


Modern sports clothing makers have made believers in sports bras for women and jock straps for men. Yet, ancient Greek Olympians played games nude. Who’s more reasonable, Nike and Reebok or the Greeks? I've always wondered, is running nude without support safe for men and women?


The Greeks deserve credit for creating the idea of competing while nude. Running nude without support is safe for men and women. Jock straps and protective cups were created primarily for sports where contact is a concern, and that's not the case with a 5K run. And people who have competed in nude races and nude volleyball, even at a competitive level, have found that it's completely safe. Of course, nudity is not required in this race and athletes can wear whatever makes them comfortable.


Thank you Pete. The event sounds perfect for anyone thinking about trying nude recreation for the first-time. Of course, regular nudists looking to get some exercise might want to mark the date on their calendars. I hope we can talk again in the future.


Learn more about Pete Williams at his official website.

Listen to the Fitness Buff radio show on Fridays in the Tampa area or online. Recordings of notable guest interviews on the show are available here.

Learn more about the Paradise Lakes Cotton Tail 5K Fun Run. The event is held in conjunction with the inaugural Body Art Fest on that weekend. The Body Art Fest has the making of an exciting event and is drawing attention from PBS and TLC’s Miami Ink who will cover the event.

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