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Photo: Englischen Garten in Munich Germany

Friday, November 23, 2007

The English Garden (Englischen Garten) park in Munich, Germany is one of many clothing optional bathing locations in the historic city. The locals spend the day nude sunbathing in a section of the park.

Besides this park area is a river to cool off in and do some skinnydipping. This picture shows the Eisbach river, the small man-made river that flows through Englischen Garten.  Click the picture to go to the photographer's Flickr page where he describes the seen further.

After sunning and swimming, Englischen Garten visitors can get dressed and head over to the beer garden for a drink or two. Nude sunbathing and beer. Can't beat it.

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At 3:28 AM, Anonymous rome said...

Somehow interesting! I have only been to a nudist beach once and that was in Stromboli, small island north of Sicily. Eolie island. I felt a bit embarassed (it was mainly men) I didn't look and just walked straight. I felt stupid afterwards, that was a nudist beach, people ARE supposed to be naked (I wasn't) so no need to be imbarassed.


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