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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There's only one way to nude travel.  Find a nudist destination and go.


Have you been to the INF International Naturist Federation website?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The International Naturist Federation website has lots of good info about traveling to nudist destinations.

The resort directory is a good place to find ideas about nudist destinations that you may want to consider visiting for a nudist vacation.


A Return to Solair Nudist Resort in Woodstock, Connecticut

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The second time is a charm.

We've been to Solair nudist resort once before several years ago and were in the Boston area again.  We had to make a return.  The nude recreation destination is a great day trip from Boston if you want a day of family-friendly fun in the sun.

Solair Recreation League is located in Woodstock, Connecticut in the north east corner of CT, minutes from the Massachusetts border. It is about an hour and half from Boston, MA. If you ever happen to visit Boston (which is a good time in itself), Solair is an easy nakation day trip with a rental car.

We returned to spend the day at Solair late last summer. Having been there once before, we knew what to expect but explored to see some new things we missed on the first visit.

We just paid the day fees at the entrance and were on our way. Solair offers discounted day fees for those under 40. It seems to be a good incentive. We saw a good mix of ages and people under 40.

It was a nice day. Everyone we interacted with were very friendly.  Just like our first visit, the grounds were in great condition.   There's a lot to like about Solair.  Here's my favorite things. 

What I like about Solair Recreation League nudist resort:

  • This nudist resort is member owned.  The members take care of it and are very friendly to guests.  In fact, a lot of friendly regulars who have summer homes on the grounds and know the region well and can recommend restaurants and such.
  • You feel "away from it all" here on the large wooded grounds.
  • Nice pool, sometimes has water volleyball games on busy summer weekends (it did during our first visit)
  • Indoor hot tub and sauna
  • Lake with paddle boats but no alligators like in Florida. Go skinnydipping or take a paddle boat out.
  • Small recreation room with pool table and ping pong - if you get a cool day, there's at least something to do in the nude indoors.
  • Lots of nude hiking and walking on both the paved roads in the residential area and wooded trails (I'm not sure that there are maps for the wooded trails.  You may have to ask a member.)  We took a walk all around the residential area and then onto a short trail that goes up a hill and overlooks the lake.
  • If you bring a bike, you could ride your bike on the paved roads on the grounds.
  • Tennis courts - not sure if you have to bring your own rackets and balls.
  • Some food served in cafe on the weekends

What not to expect:

  • It's not a place big on nightlife.
  • It's more of a "very nice campground" than a "resort".
  • Food options are packing a picnic lunch might be a good idea.
  • Don't expect you can be disrespectful to others.  The members care about this place a lot and they want visitors to do the same.
Having now been to many more nudist resorts over the years, I have to say that Solair is an excellent facility given that it is a northern US nudist resort that has a short season.

If you are going for a first time visit, read Solair's website or maybe call first. It seems they want first timers to only visit on weekends, at least that is my understanding. I think this is because they need to have someone on hand to give a tour.

At least as of my last visit in late 2009, Solair had a policy that during the first 4 visits, they want visitors to spend time talking with a member who does an interview as part of a membership screening/recruitment process. I had previously thought that this would be a pain in the butt (I have mixed feelings about these types of red tape procedures that detract from nakationing). But we did talk to a member this visit. It wasn't a big deal at all. It was a casual 10 minute chat. The nudist member who interviewed us was friendly and asked us our experience, told us a little bit about the place, and asked if we had any questions.

If you're in the area, give Solair Recreation League a try.

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Top things nudists do in winter

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Looking at the most recent American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) Bulletin newspaper, I was surprised at how many activities are going on this winter.  Nudists throughout the US are finding great ways to have fun.

Duckpin Bowling

We went bowling after dinner at Boston Bowl.In Baltimore, Maryland, the Capital Area Family Naturists (a nudist travel club) are hosting a few duckpin bowling nights.  The club has rented private space at a bowling center for naked bowling.

Watch the Super Bowl with nudist friends

Many nudist resorts across the country are hosting Superbowl events.  For instance, Mountaindale Sun Resort in Portland, Oregon will have a Super Bowl Party and Potluck Dinner.  Cedar Creek Park in Pelion, South Carolina is also having a big Super Bowl Party.

Celebrate Chinese New Years, Mardi Gras and Valentines

The Travelites, a South Carolina nudist travel club, has a slew of events planned, including gatherings to Celebrate Chinese New Years, Mardi Gras and Valentines.  Avalon in PawPaw, West Virgina also has Valentines and Mardi Gras events planned and its indoor pool makes it an attractive winter destination.

Go to a Chili Cookoff in Texas

Sahnoans at Star Ranch in McDade, Texas will host the 11th Annual Shell-less Armadillo Chili Cookoff on Jan 17.  Mmm...armadillo....tasty.   BlueBonnet Nudist Park in Decatur, Texas will host a Chili Cookoff on Jan 24.  

Party in Wisconsin

Valley View Recreation Club in Cambridge, Wisconsin is closed for the winter season, but that has not stopped them from putting together an innovative event.  The club reached out to a local hotel and rented out space for a weekend.  The result is the Valley View Recreation Club Mid-Winter Party on February 28, 2009.

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Nudism still doing well? Yes!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yes, according to an article recently published in the Chicago Tribune about nude recreation.

The article makes it seems that nudism is really popular. Imagine that.
"One in 10 Americans ranks staying at a resort that offers nude recreation as extremely/very desirable, according to a 2008 survey by Ypartnership/Yankelovich National Leisure Travel MONITOR." (Chicago tribune)
If that statistic is true, one out of ten of your closest neighbors and coworkers think nude recreation is extremely/very desirable.

The article talks about other trends in nude recreation. The article was overwhelmingly positive and talks about nude recreation growing. At a time when everything in the news is so negative, this article is shocking.

People are interested in nude recreation. More and more people are trying it for the first time and enjoying the experience of freedom from clothes and being at one with nature.

But there are a few hurdles to overcome for nude recreation as the article mentions. For example, the incorrect association of nude recreation as being a lifestyle/swinger activity. The two are separate but some nudist resorts are catering to both, a challenging line to walk. Nude recreation is not about sex and true nudist resorts are family-safe (at least the ones affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation are supposed to be).

In contrast, lifestyle activities are about sharing partners, a unique lifestyle decision based on sex. Certainly, lifestylers are just people with a different belief than me and I respect that. But in my opinion, too many lifestylers are not respectful to others who do not share their beliefs. That I do not like. It's a small subset of these lifestylers who are ruining it for everyone. While most nudists and lifestylers are generally very tolerant people, except when their rights are encroached upon, a few rotten apples need to be controlled so that nude recreation can continue to have a bright future.

Read the full article on the Chicago Tribune website free.

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How to Get to Cap D'Agde France from the USA

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cap D'Agde is the naturist village in southern France. Along the Mediterranean Sea and away from the larger towns and cities, getting there by a direct flight from the US of A is not possible without either a long drive, train ride or by taking a budget airline flight from somewhere else in Europe.

This Cap d'Agde website has some good tips here about how to get to Cap D'Agde from the USA.

One of the recommendations for US travelers is to fly into Gatwick airport in London and then take EasyJet to Monpellier. EasyJet to Montpellier is a quick flight. I'd love to get back to Cap D'Agde again and this might be the cheapest and easiest way.

Another option is to fly to Paris and then take the hi-speed TGV train. The price is similar but there will be a lot more french speaking people to deal with as compared to flying into England - though being multilingual is common in France.

I suggest getting a rental car in Montpellier (instead of taking a taxi). Driving from Montpellier to Cap d'Agde easy. Once in town of Agde, "Village Naturiste" signs point in the direction of the gated naturist village along the shore.


Upcoming Naturist Society Events You'll Want to Attend

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's almost July.  What are you doing to get naked for the rest of the year?

Looking for ideas?  Here are some upcoming Naturist Society events that are sure to be a good time.   These festivals offer days and nights full of nude recreation activities amongst people who are dedicated to nude recreation.  The events feature workshops, sporting activities, and social activities from petanque to dances.  The Western Naturist Gathering will even have a drumming circle.

Northeast Naturist Festival
August 5 - 10
Empire Haven, Moravia, NY

August 8 - 10
Avalon Resort, Paw Paw, WV

Western Naturist Gathering
September 11 - 14
DeAnza Springs, Jacumba, CA

Southern Naturist Gathering
October 16 - 19
Lake Como, Lutz, FL

I have yet to visit the other destinations, but I did visit Lake Como Resort earlier this year.  Lake Como has a lot of fun things to do.  Several small rowboats and canoes are provided for fishing and cruising around the lake.  Lake Como has a large pool, a lakeside bar/restaurant, another larger restaurant, billiards hall, dance hall, hot tub, sauna, tennis courts, hiking trails and more.  Amongst campground-style nudist resorts in the United States, Lake Como has to be amoung the top ones. Adding the Southern Naturist Gathering to the mix should make for a very entertaining nudist getaway.

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Clothing Optional Bare Hare Duathlon Comes to Sunny Rest, PA

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A short drive from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is a place where you can experience the freedom of riding a bike while nude or running or walking - in a race for charity - in the privacy of the gated resort, Sunny Rest Resort, in Palmerton, PA.

I recently returned to Sunny Rest and tried out mountain biking beyond the nature trails I wrote about doing nude hiking on last year.  I'll have a more on that nude recreation experience soon.  In the meantime, check out the Clothing Optional Bare Hare Duathlon charity event being held on Sunny Rest's grounds.   It is sure to be fun!

Here's the official Inaugural Bare Hare Duathlon North event info with more on the Sunny Rest event page:

Get outdoors at the Sunny Rest Resort, 425 Sunny Rest Drive, Palmerton, PA 18071, and DO the DU.
Butts A'Runnin Race Management is proud to be DU-ing the FIRST-EVER Clothing-Optional (Must be
18+) Duathlon in the Pocono Mountains. This event will be ChampionChip timed by Queen City
Timing Services of Mooresville, NC and results will be posted at
1.5 Mile Run (on paved roads)
8.5 Mile Mountain Bike (on mountain trails) Helmet required and must use a Mountain Bike.
5K Trail Run
+++++There will also be a separate 1.5 Mile Fun Walk on paved roads. Finishers will receive a
commemorative medal.
First Run: 1.5 Miles
Level: Beginner
The run will wind through the mostly paved roads of Sunny Rest Resort, with a
challenge towards the end (Cardiac Hill) about a 100-yard up-hill run on paved surface.
++The Fun Walk will also follow this same course and will head to the finish line in front of Irv's house.

Transition 1:
Will be on the open grassy area in front of Irv's house.

Mountain Bike: 8.5 Miles
Level: Intermediate
2 loops on wide groomed (4 wheeler ATV type) paths, passing will not be a problem.
Path surface is a mix on hard pack soil, rocks and exposed roots. Much of the course
has long stretches of beginner friendly trails; however there will be several challenging,
rock/exposed root climbs and descents. "You will know you're in a mountain bike race"!
Helmets are required for the bike (ANSI/SNELL). All climbs and descents will be
well-marked to give you warning. There is also a few small stream crossings and mud
puddles, they are shallow and easily pass-able, generally just a few feet in width. A
little mud is part of the fun!
A beginner mountain biker can complete this course; they may need to dismount on a couple of the climbs, no problem, it's a race not an exam. No water stops.
Course will be well-marked.

Transition 2:

Will be on the open grassy area in front of Irv's house.

Second Run: 3.1 Miles
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
The run will be a single loop on trails with same terrain as the mountain bike leg.
2 water stops at 1/3 points.
Course will be well-marked.
When you cross that finish line, you will have completed "Du-ing" the first-ever clothing-optional
Duathlon presented in the world!
This event will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
(For those who wish to donate only, may do so by sending their donation to: Sunny Rest Resort,
425 Sunny Rest Drive, Palmerton, PA 18071. Please make your check/money order payable to:
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.) Tax deductible. Please reference the Bare Hare Duathlon North.
OTHER INFO: *We will DO the DU......RAIN OR SHINE!
*No refunds or transfers.
*Register early to be guaranteed a commemorative inaugural t-shirt. (First 150)
*Post race food & refreshments free for participants & volunteers. All others
must pay $5.00 for a wristband.
*There will be ample parking, restrooms & showers available.
*Please mount & dismount your bikes at the appropriate mount/dismount line.
*No riding in the transition area.
*Water will be on the course. If you prefer anything else, please bring.
*Please bring a couple of towels. To sit upon if you are going BARE.
*Must go nude to use the pool, hot tub or sauna.
*May stay on resort until 9 PM after event ends. If staying later, you must pay
day fee charge.
*Please be aware that the Bike course is OFF-ROAD and you must use a
mountain bike.
*At the end of the event, please turn in your chip or you will be charged a
fee of $35.00.
*You must purchase a wristband for $5.00 to bring a non-participating guest.
Include with your entry fee or buy on race day.
*A Nude & Non-Nude Group Photo will be taken of those who wish to
participate for a fee of $10.00. Include with your entry fee or buy on race day.
Picture will be available that day.
*An all you can eat spaghetti buffet will be held on Friday night for participants,
members and guests for $8.00 each in the restaurant. Include with your entry fee
or pay at restaurant that night.
*All events to be held on the grounds of Sunny Rest.
*There will be bike and EMT support if needed.
*lf you've pre-registered or coming on the grounds of Sunny Rest to register,
you must participate in the event or the daily grounds fee must be paid.
*You may have a relay team, 3 members per team allowed, male & female.
*Teams will not be eligible for individual awards, only the team awards.
*When registering a team, please include a registration form filled out & signed
by each team member & include the name of your team.
*Please call Race Directors for all Duathlon info, not the resort. Only call the
resort to make reservations or for info on the resort. Thanks!
*We do not publish full names or list towns in our results unless requested to
do so or if we have your permission. This is to protect your privacy. If you
"DU" on Sunny Rest, it stays on Sunny Rest.
*Get out there & let's"DU" It!
TIMES: *Entrance into Sunny Rest will begin at 6:00 AM for the DU.
*6:30 AM - 8:30 AM Check-in, packet & chip P/U. Race Day registration.
*Pre-race instructions at 8:45 AM.
*9:00 AM - LET'S DO THE DU!
*Awards ceremony to follow ending of event.
EVENT TIMING: By Queen City Timing Services of Mooresville, NC
AWARDS: *Subject to change at Race Director's discretion.
Overall Male & Female
Overall Male & Female Masters (40+)
Overall Grandmasters (50+)
Senior Grandmasters (60+)
Age Groups: 3 Deep
Male & Female: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

Relay Teams: 1,2 & 3
+Plus there will be Door Prizes & other SPECIAL awards+
*More than 100 camping & RV sites complete with water & electric hookups.
*Tenting sites with electric hookups.
*Or if you prefer, there are over 20 motel rooms, complete with private bath,
air conditioning, refrigerator and cable TV.
*The resort spans over 190 secluded acres and is a tranquil, clothing-optional
retreat located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

For this event you may enjoy camping for a fee of $40 from Friday to Sunday. Or if you prefer
the motel, room rates will be 25% off. Please call Sunny Rest Resort to make your reservations at
610-377-2911 or 866-Sunny-50 (866-786-6950).

Visit their website: Email: sunnyrest [AT] sunnyrest DOT com.
Please make your reservations early. They do fill up!
Registration: *Early Fee by June 13, 2008 *Late Fee after June 13, 2008 & Race Day
$40 Individual $50 Individual
$70 Teams $80 Teams
(Late Fee payable online only & on race day)

Walk: $20.00 (NO LATE FEE)
*May register online soon at

(Click & Print application)
Mail Check/M.O. with fees & registration to:
Butts A'Runnin Race Mgmt. Early fee by June 13, then late fee until midnight
P. O. Box 6872 June 19, 2008. (A sm. extra online fee will apply)
Statesville, NC 28687-6872
Questions? *Race Directors: Gary & Sue Butts
Phone: 704-880-4561
Email: ButtsArunnin [AT] aol DOT com

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The Naked Golf Cart Experience

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I used to think golf carts were just for golf. Then I visited a nudist resort and saw people riding around naked in golf carts. Then I tried it myself.

Forget golf. Golf carts are best used for nude recreation.

Yes, golf carts are a common sight at the larger of the nudist and clothing optional resorts and just about every campground has them.

The Naked Golf Cart Orientation

Riding a golf cart in a nudist campground is a treat at a handful of the larger clubs' "first-time visitor" orientation tours. These orientations are to help new visitors get acquainted with the property and nude recreation. During the ride, the rules are outlined to ensure that these places stay wholesome and family-safe - part of being an AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) affiliated club.

We rode naked in a 6-person golf cart during the orientation tour at Solair Recreation League, a nudist resort in Connecticut, not far from Boston, MA. This was fun - though I wanted to skip it and head straight for the pool because it was so hot out that day. At Lake Como Nudist Resort near Tampa, Florida, we did the very educational orientation clothed, though I'm sure we could have rode naked if we wanted.

Riding solo

Golf carts are a must have for seasonal residents who spend the summer living the nude life in trailer set-ups. Usually, the residents own or rent their golf carts.

For day and weekend visitors to most nudist campgrounds, golf cart rentals are not typically available. The only way to go for a ride is to make friends with the locals. There are some exceptions.

Calling the resort is a good way to find out what's available. If the resort doesn't rent golf carts, they may lead you to someone who rents golf carts. For example, at Paradise Lakes clothing optional resort in Lutz, Florida, we were able to rent a golf cart from one of the residents who owns several and rents them out to visitors.

Instead of the long, hot walk from the pool area to our rented room on the other side of the grounds, we rode a golf cart. Besides staying cool, golf carts were the quickest way to the pool and restaurants. Riding was fun - the wind blowing on your skin is refreshing. We rode all around the expansive Paradise Lakes property. Counting all of the streets and parking lots, we must put a few miles on the odometer riding around the resort.

Of course, like all things nudist, sitting on a towel is a requirement. For golf carts, it serves the additional purpose of keeping legs from sticking to hot golf cart seats.

After getting into nude recreation, I'll never think of golf carts the same way again.

From now on, I'm going to try naked golf carting whenever possible. And when golf carts are not available, as is usually the case, the next best thing is bicycling. Let's save naked bicycling for another day.

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3 Nudist Resorts in 3 Days and I Lived to Tell About It

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We did it.

We visited 3 nudist resorts in 3 days. In doing so, we went in 4 pools and 6 hot tubs without wearing anything!

After about 5 minutes of being nude, you wonder what the fuss about clothing is. Clothing seems so unnecessary and being clothes-free seems so natural. Other people of all shapes and sizes seem natural too - your mind no longer notices their lack of clothing and you just see them as people like you.

The whole experience was actually very relaxing - what vacationing should be. We started out at Paradise Lakes Clothing-Optional Resort, then visited Lake Como Nudist Resort and then Caliente Clothing Optional Resort the day after. All are nudist/ clothing-optional resorts in central Florida and within minutes of each other.

The 3 destinations have very unique characteristics and cultures. Nude recreation, the freedom from clothes in a natural way, is their commonality.

Here's what we experienced at each place:

Lake Como Family Nudist Resort

Lake Como is a nicely appointed family nudist resort where a lot of people have year-round trailers set-up. Lake Como is owned by 100 or so full-time members who are serious about naturism.

At Lake Como, we enjoyed swimming nude in the pool and hot tub. Then we played naked billiards and went in the sauna before returning to the hot tub.

The resort has a campground atmosphere and is perfect for first-time nudists. Upon arrival, we were given a clothed tour of the place and told about Lake Como's history. The amenities include a lake, heated pool, whirlpool, sauna, rec room with 2 pool tables, a few trails, excellent tennis courts, restaurant, a smaller restaurant/bar called the "Butt Hutt" with a deck on the lake, a beach area, and even a small library. Lake Como even boasts a nature-preserve area of the grounds.

This was our first time to Lake Como and we were impressed. We're plotting a plan to return to hike the trails, use one of the free canoes to "canude" the lake and do the others things we want to try.

If you've never been to Lake Como and are an American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) member, check your membership pack. You might have a coupon for a free day visit to Lake Como. We did and spent the day there for free. Can't beat that!

Caliente Clothing Optional Resort

Caliente is an upscale clothing optional resort - a polar opposite of Lake Como. Caliente opened only 4 years ago so everything is modern. Though the grounds are large, all of the activities are located within the smaller fenced-in main building complex.

The amenities are excellent but grounds fees expensive. Even with an AANR member discount, the day pass for a couple was $70!!! We did enjoy the place, staying for the day and having a reasonable $25 lunch. We spent some time in the large pool which has a waterfall fixture going into it and two islands. Then we went into 3 of the conversation pools/hot tubs of varying sizes/temperatures. After that we did the sauna and steam room. Caliente also has 2 volleyball pools, several bars, dance hall, restaurants, and a gym.

We went to Caliente on a weekday with cooler weather, so the place was empty. Be careful. Though Caliente is nudist-oriented, week-end night time events at the night club have received criticism for not reflecting family-friendly nudist community values. Look at the event calendar on their website and judge for yourself. We've been to Caliente twice and have not seen anything out of the ordinary, but have read of bad experiences from other nudists. For a family-friendly atmosphere that's more fun, Lake Como is the place to go.

Paradise Lakes Clothing Optional Resort

This was our third time visiting Paradise Lakes, a 72-acre clothing-optional resort. During this trip, we slept at Paradise Lakes and took day trips to the other 2 resorts. Upon arrival at Paradise, we had a naked lunch at the Key West Bar, the semi-outdoor poolside bar. We then swam in the large pool in the entertainment complex. Afterwards, we warmed up in the heated conversation pool and then smaller hot tub. Later, we visited another pool on the other side of the grounds and part of a smaller complex. A hot tub there was out of order as it was the last time we visited. Maybe next time.

Paradise Lakes is somewhere in the middle of being like Lake Como and Caliente. Paradise is dominated by residential complexes and large resident population. It has a small campground area and a lot of asphalt. The main complex has 2 restaurants, pool tables, gym, dance hall/bar, darts, ping pong table, tennis courts and lots of lounge chairs. The water volleyball pool can be popular on weekends. The secondary complex has a pool, more tennis courts, chairs by a lake, and a building used for yoga classes and special events.

We rented a golf cart during our stay at Paradise Lakes. Naked golf carting around was a lot of fun. I guess we now can join a very small group of people in the history of the world who can say we've rode in a golf cart in the buff.

This visit we also worked out in the gym in the buff. That was some experience! But let's leave that for another day.

Try nude recreation

We did 3 destinations in 3 days and lived to tell about it. We say that now with ease. It was not long ago that the idea of nude recreation was absurd. Then we took a chance and tried it. Now there's no turning back.

We've since visited several destinations. Our motto: "If the Europeans can shed their clothes and enjoy it, why should we Americans wear uncomfortable bathing suits." That's what nude recreation is to us: comfort and relaxation. Get rid of that soggy bathing suit, shed those cultural norms about clothing, and give nude recreation a try.

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5 Reasons 2008 is the Year of the Nudist

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 could be a big year for nude recreation.

US nudist campgrounds, resorts and beaches all over the country could be busy this year. [See the list of nudist clubs on the American Association for Nude Recreation's (AANR) website]

Here's 5 reason why:

1. USA Nudists will get extra money in May, just in time for nudist season.

The USA government is giving out economic stimulus payments in May. This means an extra up to $600 for nudist singles and up to $1200 for nudist couples. Many nudists will put this money towards USA nudist travel. See the IRS website for the facts.

$1200 in the hands of a nudist couple is enough to buy a long weekend at a nearby nudist campground or resort.

What better way to spend extra money than nude recreation? Name something better, I dare you!

2. Less USA nudists are heading to Europe this year.

The US dollar losing value to the Euro has been all over the news lately. Today, it costs $1.56 USD to buy 1 Euro. Add at least 2% to 5% percent on top of the exchange rate for currency exchange fees at banks and with credit cards. Many USA nudists will have to skip the European nudist vacation and stay in North America.

Luckily, the experts on TV say things will even out in a few years. For now though, many American nudists will wait it out.

I highly recommend Europe and loved the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, France, but when I went, the exchange rate wasn't as bad.

3. European nudists ARE heading to the USA.

Whereas USA culture still finds nude recreation awkward, this is not so much the case in Europe. Nude recreation is common with the French, Germans, Spaniards, British and others.

And now more than ever, coming to the USA for nude recreation is a bargain. Imagine being able to convert 1 Euro into $1.56 US dollars. It makes coming to the USA for vacation much more affordable.

4. Nudism awareness in the USA is higher than ever.

I'm taking a guess here. It would seem that with all of the media coverage of nudism over the last 2 years, the awareness of the idea of nudism would be higher than ever in the USA. Back before the Internet, this media attention would go to waste. But today, someone reads about nudist travel in the New York Times or Conde Nast Traveler and then can go online for more information about the nudist resort discussed. Just about every nudist resort's website has a FAQ about nude recreation that should make people new to the concept comfortable. For instance, see Paradise Lake's.

5. Good things are happening.

While not everything is rosy, the long-running USA-focused nudist blog makes regular mention of good USA nudist travel happenings. mentions that the oldest nudist resort in Florida, Lake Como Nudist Resort, is getting a modern upgrade in 2008 by adding a new RV and mobile home park within the grounds. See "Lake Como adds RV park" on

There you have it! 2008 has a lot of potential for nude recreation, doesn't it?

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15 Reasons to Visit Gunnison Nude Beach

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just recently, the Friends of Gunnison Beach did a Nude Polar Bear bare swim in the icy cold winter waters of the beach.

Polar bear swims are the one thing I will never do!

Give me warm weather and a nude beach, please!

One of the best ways for a nudist to remain positive is to think about warm beaches, to visualize the ocean, and to feel the comfort of the surrounding warm air.

You may have heard of Gunnison Beach, a popular nude beach in New Jersey. It's a small part of the Sandy Hook National Park peninsula.

Did you know there is more to do in the area than just the nude beach?

Of course, nothing beats the freedom from clothes that a nudist destination offers. But Sandy Hook park offers other attractions besides just Gunnison Beach.

Activities Requiring Clothing:

These things are not nude activities, but they are still fun diversions and a reason to consider spending a weekend at or near the beach.
  1. Biking/walking or inline skating on the 5 mile multi-use path
  2. Hiking on the various Sandy Hook trails
  3. Seeing the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, the oldest one in the US
  4. Looking for species of birds and butterflies that have been spotted in the park:
    • 340 species of birds
    • 50 species of butterflies
  5. Visiting the bird observatory
  6. Visiting the Fort Hancock Museum, the Battery Potter (an old gun battery), and the History House
  7. Surf fishing
  8. Get on the water: boating, windsurfing or kayaking
  9. Dining at the Highlands - Actually outside of the park, this is the place to go for dinner or to a pub
Nude Activities:

After all of that activity, lounging on the nude beach the way Mother Nature intended sounds like a great way to relax. While on the nude beach, there are fun things you can do:
  1. Have a nude picnic lunch
  2. Read a book
  3. Take a nap
  4. Go for a swim
  5. Play a board game or a card game
  6. Play Frisbee
Additional information about Sandy Hook park and Gunnison Beach:

And if New Jersey is too far away for you, consider western Canada's Wreck Beach (that I recently visited). Located in Vancouver, it has plenty of charm.

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8 Naked Ways to Have Fun Indoors Without Clothes

Sunday, December 23, 2007

With winter making most of the United States and Europe too cold for outdoor nude recreation, many nudist travelers are longing for warmer weather.

If going south is not an option,  here are 8 alternative ways to enjoy nude recreation indoors without traveling.

All of these nude recreation activities can be done inside your home relatively cheap.
  1. Exercise in front of the TV with work-out tapes but without clothes
  2. Naked yoga:  More and more people are realizing the advantages of yoga without clothing
  3. Ping pong:  Get a ping pong table and play ping pong in the buff
  4. Billiards:  Get a pool table and play billiards without clothes
  5. Table tops games:  Better yet, get one of those gaming tables that converts from a pool table to a ping pong table to a tabletop foosball game.
  6. Air hockey:  Air hockey tables can be had cheap and are another way to do indoor nude recreation
  7. Board games:  Play Scrabble, nude, but with double points for nude recreation words
  8. Reverse Strip Poker:  Start out nude but put on clothing if you lose
Have fun!

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Photo: Englischen Garten in Munich Germany

Friday, November 23, 2007

The English Garden (Englischen Garten) park in Munich, Germany is one of many clothing optional bathing locations in the historic city. The locals spend the day nude sunbathing in a section of the park.

Besides this park area is a river to cool off in and do some skinnydipping. This picture shows the Eisbach river, the small man-made river that flows through Englischen Garten.  Click the picture to go to the photographer's Flickr page where he describes the seen further.

After sunning and swimming, Englischen Garten visitors can get dressed and head over to the beer garden for a drink or two. Nude sunbathing and beer. Can't beat it.

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Nude Germany: Englischer Gardens, Munich

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm on a quest to learn more about nudist Germany. It seems like a great nudist travel destination, not just because of nudist freedoms but because Germany itself has plenty of great sites...and beer.

Maybe when the US dollar rises against the Euro someday, I could afford to go. Doesn't hurt to be prepared now though.

One German destination that seems very popular with the locals is Englischer Gardens in Munich Germany. Even Rick Steves has been there.

Here's one tourist's honest comments about the famous Germany nude sunbathing park:
clipped from
"Ooh, nude beach, dude!" Yes, the English Garden is home to a nude sunbathing area, but don't go in search of hot young flesh; if you do, you'll find that many of the undressed are a few decades older than you had in mind. By the same token, though, it's refreshing to see so many non-supermodel types who are comfortable enough with their bodies to bare all. Of course, there are other things to do than strip down and sunbathe; a visit to the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) beer garden is a must, and there are plenty of tree-lined paths for walking. Bring a picnic lunch (just visit a supermarket and load up a basket with fresh produce) and enjoy it in the sun.

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100% Nude Hiking in Eastern Pennsylvania: Sunny Rest Nudist Resort

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hiking out in nature without clothes provides a level of freedom that may exceed that of hanging out at a nudist resort pool or nude beach.

Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA, provided the setting for our first experience with real nude hiking - legally and within the grounds of a gated nudist resort who adheres to the standards of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Sunny Rest usually gets props for its excellent amenities (pool, indoor hot tub, game room, restaurant, etc.) and grounds. The nude hiking trail is a hidden gem.

Picture of Sunny Rest trail
(Source: Sunny Rest website)

Anyone can hike Sunny Rest's wooded hiking trails in the nude and feel safe. The trails are within the 190-acre resort property boundaries.

Just wear sneakers and socks. The trails were well-maintained and level with the exception of one small hill on what's called the "hard trail" - really just a small section that diverts from the main trail.

The main trail goes about 1 mile and then there are smaller side trails that are dead ends. Tack on about half a mile for the walk on pavement from the pool area to the start of the dirt trail.

A Nudist Travel Guide Blog exclusive, I've scanned the literature I received from Sunny Rest.

"Bare" with me. The papers got wrinkled. Oops.
The thing about hiking in the nude is the distinct lack of pockets.
I was forced to fold up the maps and stuff it in my sock. Lesson learned.

Click on any of these pictures to see larger versions of the maps and handouts.

The second lesson learned is to bring enough water if it is hot out. Even without clothes, staying cool is not easy if it is 90 degrees out. And don't forget to put on bug spray before you start hiking.

We walked in the paved areas of the grounds too. Many nudists have seasonal trailers in this part of the resort property. Some had more elaborate homes that may have been year-round. Everyone seems to take care of their lot and some people had unexpectedly nice landscaping. We saw some people camping in tents too. Some pictures of the grounds are on Sunny Rest's website here.

The heart of the resort is the area around the pool that includes offices, indoor hot tub, rec room (pool table and video games), dance room, workout room, restaurant and accommodations.

This is a map of the grounds.

To maintain a safe family atmosphere for visitors, Sunny Rest has a typical set of rules to follow.

A very good nudist campground, we plan to return.

Have you been to Sunny Rest? What did you think?

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Exchange Rates Change International Nudist Travel Options for Americans/Canadians

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Want to travel internationally to a nudist destination but afraid of the prices? Getting out of the US and Canada is a little more challenging lately. Still, there are options.

For US and Canadian nudist travelers looking for adventure in Europe, the fluctuating and lately deflating value of the US dollar against the Euro and British Pound has made many reconsider trips to European nudist destinations. For Canadians, the Canada dollar is increasing but still weak.

But why put off a nudist vacation altogether? There are other places where the US and Canadian dollar stretches further.

Canada to US or US to Canada:

1 Canada dollar currently equals 1.018 US dollar

Canadians can visits tons of US nudist destinations with the Canadian dollar being the closest to the US dollar its been in a long, long time.

For Americans, Canada is no longer the bargain it used to be. Still, Canada has a good mix of nudist destinations (such as Wreck Beach) and getting there is cheaper than Europe or the Caribbean (depending on where in the US you live).

Europe and the Caribbean

As of today, these are the reported currency exchange rates for the US Dollar against 3 other currencies and some of the nudist travel opportunities in these countries.

Croatia nudist travel:

Despite its troubled political past, Croatia is an emerging tourist destination hopefully looking towards a brighter future. Though a long flight from the United States, Croatia has over 30 nudist and clothing-optional destinations, from beaches to campsites. Learn more here.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 5,176.20 Croatia Kuna
1 USD = 5.17620 HRK
1 HRK = 0.193192 USD

Mexico nudist travel:

Mexico is cost-effective for US tourists. Flying there isn’t too bad, depending on where you live. The pickings for true nudists are limited though.

Playa Sonrisa (official website) on the Caribbean coast of Mexico is for true nudists/naturists and even offers a 15% discount for naturist club members, such as AANR members. They have beach front bungalows and rooms for accommodations, naked snorkeling and even have a restaurant. This seems like a nice destination and bungalows and rooms range from $85 to $140 a night, depending on the season/room.

Hidden Beach and Desire Resort are among the other clothing-optional destinations in Mexico, though they appear to be more adult-oriented and exotic focused from what I can tell from websites about them. I’d research more to find out if this sort of destination is right for you.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 10,857.50 Mexico Pesos
1 USD = 10.8575 MXN
1 MXN = 0.0921022 USD

Bonaire in the Caribbean:

I had written about Sorobon Beach Naturist Resort in the past. A nice little place on the beach in a protected cove, beachfront accommodations make it desirable.

1,000.00 United States Dollars = 1,780.00 Netherlands Antilles Guilders
1 USD = 1.78000 ANG
1 ANG = 0.561798 USD

Fees for exchanging money

Keep in mind that when exchanging money, everyone wants a cut. Walk-in banks and currency exchange booths are hit-or-miss in terms of how much they take. ATMs and charging with credit cards can be a better bargain. Check with your banks first though. Fees are all over the place. Some charge nothing and others can charge flats fees plus additional rates upwards of 3% or more, which is like throwing away money. Here's a good article on the topic.

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Nudist Travel Website Advertising Not Easy

Friday, October 05, 2007

My apologies for any explicit advertising that appeared on this nudist travel blog recently. The problem has been corrected.

Finding advertising for a nudist travel website is not easy nor lucrative, but my main motivation is getting the word out about nudist travel. For those looking for nudist travel information, I hope this blog is of help or at least points readers in the right direction.

It's really incredibly time-consuming to research and write about nudist travel topics. Getting a part time job at a gas station or fast food place would earn me more money. But it's not about that for me. My secondary goal is simply earning gas money and maybe even food money for nudist travel.

To achieve this, I had used the "Ads by Google" system for several months with good success. It provided useful, family-friendly links to nudist destinations and travel sites. I made a few dollars from it and I was happy. Then one day I was banned.

I guess this nudist blog is too adult oriented for Google ads.

I don't think this blog is any more adult-oriented than AANR or even newspaper articles about nudism such as the ones I've mentioned here in the past. With nudism fortunately becoming more popular in local and national newspapers, I am surprised at being banned.

Still, my desire to get gas money lead me to a different ad network called AdBrite. They reviewed this nudist blog and thought it was ok. Everything was good again.

Though not as good as Google, AdBrite seemed to be the only option. Then one day, they decided this blog was pornography and started putting adult-oriented ads on the site. I'm not exactly sure when this started, but I just found out a few days ago and have removed these ads. This was a shock to me, but I cannot blame AdBrite. I think I messed up on some settings. This is now fixed but it seemed to make sense to try something new.

You'll now notice Amazon nudist-related books more prominently on this blog. These books are written on several nudist topics, mostly about history, though there are a few nudist travel and lifestyle ones. I own a few myself. What better to read while lounging at a nudist resort pool than a nudist book?

I've also switched to a new ad system, Oxado. It puts text ads on the site. They gave me the option to omit adult-oriented ads, which I've chosen to do. I hope this works out better and keeps this nudist blog family safe. This system might be good for others like me, so try it out if you have a blog.

The moral of the story is that it's too bad there aren't more choices for people who want to create helpful, wholesome blogs or websites about nudism and who want to earn a little revenue from the effort.

I think that if there was an incentive system, it would motivate other nudists to learn how to create blogs and get the word out. There are only a small number of people who are able to give up entertainment activities, like watching TV, to do nudist writing for the fun of it. Talking about nudist travel and life is what will help sustain the community in the long run.


9 Ways to Be Clothes Free in Any Town

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Looking at the laws of most US towns, it seems that the laws for wearing clothing are determined by 2 simple factors:
  1. The category of room you are in
  2. Who can see you
If you think about it, nudity is permitted in many common situations:
  1. Undress in a locker room
  2. Shower without clothes at home or in a locker room
  3. Undress and do all sorts of naked posturing for a doctor
  4. Be clothesfree, wearing just in a towel, at a spa
  5. Get undressed at a dressing room in a clothing store
  6. Be naked inside your house as long as the windows are closed
  7. Be naked in your garage as long as the windows are closed
  8. Possibly be naked in your yard if it is fully enclosed are you are concealed
  9. Be naked all of the time if you are a non-human animal
In contrast, there are places in the US to be naked 100% of the time. Nudist resorts offer this comfort as do a handful of beaches.

Swimming without a soggy bathing suit is the way to relax.

Nudist resorts allow you to do a lot of the activities not allowed elsewhere.

For example, we've now dined several times in nudist resort restaurants while in the nude. Fun as long as you don't spill anything hot!

Play nude volleyball. Hike nude. Bike nude. Camp nude. Many nudist resorts offer these types of activities.

Europe has even more opportunities to go without restrictive clothing. Topless bathing is the norm and many places are clothing optional.

Then there's the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, France. That place is cool. Shop in the nude, dine in the nude, swim at the beach in the nude. I've mentioned Cap d'Agde here a few times.

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