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More Nudists in France: "La Jenny"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What well-regarded nudist destination has a nude beach, pool, nude golf, biking, hiking and more in a family-friendly environment in the Bordeaux region of France?

By the title of the article, the answer is easy: La Jenny.

While France's famous naturist village of Cap d'Agde has been reviewed here before, besides culinary delights, France serves a plate full of nudist destinations. France also provides La Jenny, Euronat and many other destinations.

The other naturist village, La Jenny, lies on the Atlantic Ocean on northwest side of France and offers a low-key, relaxing place to be naked.

La Jenny is a large, family-friendly nudist campground, a very different experience from the larger, more commercial Cap d'Agde.

La Jenny's centerpiece is an incredible grouping of 4 swimming pools kept at 77 degrees to provide a week of enjoyment.

And if the pool is not enough for you, take a walk down to the Atlantic Ocean. Lifeguards are on hand in the main section. When the conditions are right and waves high enough, surfing naked is the way to spend the day. Most people would rather just catch some sun on the nude beach.

Naked golf...real naked golf is a rarity. La Jenny's course is only 4 holes, but is probably the best 4 holes of nudist golf around.

To get around, ride a bike. Bikes are available for rental for riding around through the extensive grounds. Ride from your rented chalet down to the beach to play naked beach volleyball in the sand. Then ride back and have a nude dinner at the clothing-optional restaurant.

Accommodations at La Jenny include chalets/cabins and a campground. The chalets come in many sizes and prices, in peak season from around $70 to $200 a night. The typically include a refrigerator and hotplates for cooking. Some have ovens, dishwashers and other conveniences.
La Jenny even has a small grocery store where visitors can shop in the buff for food to bring back to the chalet. Having shopped at stores like this in Cap d'Agde, I am sure this is a fun experience at La Jenny too.
Learn more about La Jenny at their website.

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