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AANR-East (American Association for Nude Recreation) Seeks to Enhance Government Affairs and Community Awareness Programs - Volunteers Needed

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Received this in my inbox from AANR's East coast division and thought it worth passing on. One of the major benefits of nudist organizations like AANR is their efforts to preserve nudist freedoms. Here's an opportunity to participate:

AANR East Government Affairs Training

Invitation from AANR East President - Susan Weaver

AANR-East Member:

As President of AANR-East I am concerned that the Government Affairs and Community Awareness Programs in the region are not as robust as they could be. The first step to address this concern was to recruit a volunteer leader to be the AANR-East Government Affairs Training Coordinator. Ms. Audrey Weber, a resident of Northern Virginia and a member of Avalon has agreed to accept this challenge. Our next step is to recruit volunteers from each state in the region.

Now, we need a Government Affairs Coordinator for each state in the region. The full responsibilities of the position will evolve as the program develops, however we envision that the State Coordinator will identify state and local legislative initiatives and community actions that have the potential to impact nudism negatively in the region. The State Coordinator will also be expected to establish a network of volunteers within the state to assist with that mission. We also would like for the State Coordinator to provide training and awareness of the Government Affairs/Community Awareness Program at the clubs within the state. It is anticipated that there will be bi-monthly or quarterly teleconferences with the other State Coordinators and Audrey.

A Government Affairs and Community Awareness Training session is scheduled for June 16-17, 2007, at Avalon in Paw Paw, WV. We are very fortunate that many of the people on the AANR National Government Affairs staff will be in the Washington, DC area and have agreed to spend a few extra days to work with us. The trainers are Alonzo and Debra Sue Stevens, Shirley Gauthier and Patricia Orner. The agenda will include how to start a Community Awareness and Government Affairs program in each state, the difference between the two, and the importance of both. The training will provide the tools that we need to jump start the AANR-EAST Government Affairs and Community Awareness Program.

You are being contacted about this opportunity to serve nudism because you are one of the people in AANR-East who have expressed an interest in Government Affairs training or are registered as a club liaison for Government Affairs. If you are interested in being the State Coordinator or involved in the reconstituted Government Affairs Program, please contact Audrey Weber (fkkfrau[nospam]ATverizon[nospam].net or 703-425-1644) before May 14, 2007. The June training will be provided at no cost to the State Coordinators and open to anyone else who would like to attend, on a space available basis.


Susan Weaver
AANR-East President

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