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FedEx Delivers to Nudist Resorts

Friday, May 04, 2007

“Who are the people in the nudist resort neighborhood? The people that you meet, walking down the street, each day…” (Sing like Mr Rogers)

You may see FedEx and UPS making deliveries to nudist resort residences.

Pictured (via MS maps) is a FedEx truck stopped in front of residences within the Paradise Lakes nudist resort complex. Can you see the truck?

Yes, the person answering the door could have been naked, though may have covered up out of courtesy to the FedEx delivery person.

Especially at larger nudist destinations, here’s other people you may see:

- Restaurant workers
- Clerks
- Cable companies and utilities workers
- Electricians and plumbers
- Emergency and police services
- And many more.

In France at Cap d’Agde naturist village, lots of people do business within the gated naked city. Some were nudists wearing clothes because of the job. Others were accepting of nudists and chose to work in this environment.

The most uncomfortable part for me being naked and buying groceries in a Cap d'Agde store is that the clothed clerk does not speak English very well and I am equally bad with French.

After recently staying at Paradise Lakes Resort and Caliente Resort in Florida, I became more comfortable.

As my wife and I casually walked naked from the pool area to our room at Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort, we were passed by a man driving a garbage truck.
"Hey, did you realize a garbage truck just passed us and we are completely naked?", I asked.
During our first year of nudism we would have been embarrassed. Now, after some years, we understand that the garbage man is just doing his job. He’s probably been to the place many times and has acclimated. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We are free to enjoy nudism.

I'll bet the man driving the truck wishes he was off from work that day so he could swim in the pool with the nudists.

Later, we saw construction workers building a new house at Caliente. They did not even pay attention to us.

Yes, a nudist resort is the one place where even the “plumber’s butt crack” is not noticeable. Everyone can do there own thing, whatever that is.

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