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Top 10 Nude Beaches in USA Today and Beyond

Saturday, June 02, 2007

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USA TODAY interviewed John Kinman, the President of AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) about nude beaches. Kinman recommended what he considers as the Top 10 clothing-optional beaches.
  1. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii
  2. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada
  3. Cap d'Agde, France
  4. Hawksbill Bay, Antigua
  5. Haulover Beach, Miami
  6. Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
  7. Collins Beach/Rooster Rock, Oregon
  8. Orient Bay, St. Martin
  9. Samurai Beach, Australia
  10. Black's Beach, San Diego, California
A good list. Of course, the list is subjective. What makes a great beach? A great nude beach is a beach that meets your needs or that you have great memories about.

Many other nude beaches are worth considering. Here's some others where memories have been made:
  • Adriatic Coast, Croatia - the coastline is dotted with all kinds of nudist beaches and campgrounds (Valalta near Rovinj, Croatia, pictured at right)
  • La Jenny, France - a nice, family-friendly beach and nudist campground/resort
  • Barcelona, Spain - topless everywhere, there's a section near the east end that's legally nude (signs posted). There's a beach cafe but nothing fancy. Barcelona is a great place to visit and this nude beach is a great place to lounge after seeing the tourist sites.
  • Sorobon Beach, Bonaire, Caribbean - At Sorobon Beach Nudist Resort reviewed here.
  • Many more...
To me, Cap d'Agde is the best, not just because of the beach but because of the facilities and activities in the village. Shopping nude at the many small stores dining out in nude restaurants in the naturist village is great fun.

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